February 5, 2021

Nigerians should utilize digital skills to penetrate the global markets – Sam Onigbanjo

Nigerians should utilize digital skills to penetrate the global markets – Sam Onigbanjo

UK based Nigerian capital markets trader, Founding Partner of the Capital Markets Academy and author, Sam Onigbanjo, believes an opportunity awaits Nigerians interested in the global markets and more Nigerians should be working in the global markets with the acquisition of digital skills.

He made this known during a media interview recently at his office in Lagos. Relating his own experience he revealed that: “Since 2017, I have spent years investing in myself and travelling all over the US to learn the best ways to serve my audience via marketing, because the opportunity digital marketing offers became clear to me, which is real time connections, anywhere, anytime, with anybody.

“In 2017, when I told friends I was launching a program called Project OMNIPRESENCE, meaning you can be anywhere, anytime with anyone, but many people thought I was crazy. But fast forward to the present times and you can see that digital marketing has transformed the global markets.”

Speaking on the opportunities that have emerged since COVID 19 forced businesses  around the world to accelerate their digital transformation strategies, Onigbanjo who was honoured as one of the 100 most Influential Nigerians in the UK at the Centenary awards in 2020, noted that psychology plays an important role in taking advantage of opportunities.

“Each time I have to sack a Nigerian service provider, its always around the area of miscommunication, deceit or low standard of service delivery.

“An attitude, that only thinks of me, myself and I, ultimately greed based on poverty. I mention this because, it is one thing to access the opportunities available but its another thing to maintain that opportunity so you can repeatedly serve your global customers and earn a great living right here in Nigeria.”

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Onigbanjo who has  helped over 1,000 business leaders start and grow their businesses, currently has a vision of empowering another 10,000 with digital transformation skills. On how to enable 10,000 Nigerians earn globally, he stressed the need to use digital marketing.

“Digital Marketing is key to everything, it is necessary to have internet access, a good laptop with graphic card and space and time to invest in learning and earning.

“Please remember, Digital Marketing is not Social media marketing or management. Infact Social media management Is less than 1% of digital marketing,” he highlighted.

“Of one is fluent in English writing then he or she has an advantage, as one of the biggest demands we have in Digital Marketing is Content writing, this skill alone can earn you a steady N60,000 per month as a primary or secondary income without having a regular job.”

Speaking about lead generation, another highly sort after service in the US and across Europe, he said that the criteria to qualify is similar to digital marketing but stressed the importance of building integrity though successful services.

He added, “it is not enough to master digital marketing skills, it is also very important to build trust in clients by delivering their jobs successfully.

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