Agerland LTD began as one young man’s desire to provide farmers across the country with adequate support to grow and sustain their farms and agricultural businesses.

Fully registered in 2019, our initial focus was to provide people who have the land and financial capacity but lack the technical know-how with our expertise and assistance in growing and maintaining sustainable and profitable farms and agricultural businesses.

We understood that for the agricultural industry in Nigeria to grow and flourish, smallholder farms and small scale agri-businesses must be empowered. This led to the birth of Agerland Finance and Agerland Consulting & Support Services.

However, we recognised the immense growth potential in the industry and decided to extend our portfolio other areas, keeping in mind our determination to establish people-centric systems and solutions through our products and services.

“The company’s vision is to become one of the foremost agricultural businesses in Nigeria; providing solutions and opening pathways in the sector while our Mission is to create and sustain a disruptive agri-business environment that adequately caters to the demands of its constituents.”

“It’s objective as a business is to uphold best practices in the agricultural sector. Ensure rapid profit turnover for our clients. Be the leading provider of support services (technical and managerial) to small and large scale farmers across Nigeria. Ensure more surplus, more obtainable and healthier food produce. Increase and strengthen rural agriculture through our outreach project to local farmers. Invest in the agricultural supply chain by increasing the value of raw materials for the final consumer.

As with most businesses, starting up an agricultural venture can be capital-intensive, deterring would-be farmers from achieving their financial dreams via agriculture. Through Agerland Finance, we provide financial support and credit to aid smallholder farmers in the achievement of these dreams.

For some people interested in investing in this sector, the major deterrent is the lack of expertise and technical knowledge. We solve this problem by providing our farmers with detailed information, walking them through the process of starting and managing sustainable and profitable farms and agri-businesses. We also provide managerial and technical support services, employing production and technical systems that ensure our clients reap great harvests and yield high returns.

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As mentioned above, the company is in the process of expanding our product and service portfolio. These are not just ideas; they are a result of strategic and forward thinking, fused with the determination to provide our target markets with more viable and better options.

The poultry hatchery business is one of the most lucrative forms of agri-businesses the world over. In Nigeria, the current ban on imported poultry products has made it a potential goldmine for ingenious and proactive businesses and individuals.

An added advantage is that there are currently no fully functional hatcheries in the entire South South and South East region; giving us a huge market opportunity in both regions.

Unlike a lot of other poultry farms and hatcheries, we would begin operations with a breeder (parent-stock) farm of 5,000 chickens. This would not only help reduce the cost of production by eliminating continuous procurement of hatchable eggs from other parent-stock farms, it would also ensure that we can always guarantee the quality of our produce. This project is carried out in partnership with Brisk Capital Investment.

Acquisition of 5 plots of land strategically located on the Calabar-Ikom Highway, Biase as the hatchery site. Drawing up of architectural plan for Agerland Hatchery site.

Exclusive partnership with Brisk Capital Investment.

There are very many reasons why honey is an all-too-important product. For one, it is very versatile in usage with its application ranging from skincare to food and the like. Being a product in high demand, there has been an abundance of fakes in the mass market.

Through JK Honi, the company plans to provide our customers with original, high quality honey sourced from within and outside Nigeria, with eco-friendly packaging at consumer-friendly prices. Their product sizes ranges from 2.5cl to 250ml make it easy for people of different economic levels to afford this, offering us a large market size.

Boxdfood, an existing and thriving business, is a food and lifestyle brand on a mission to inspire greatness and creativity through food. Currently, they are one of the most notable food brands in the city of Calabar.

Understanding the immense potential of this venture, especially given its location, we decided to go into a mutually beneficial partnership with its current owners. Not only does this increase our portfolio, it also promises to provide an extra stream of revenue for JK Agerland as the brand grows and expands.

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