February 13, 2021

I spend a lot on my fashion-Sophia Egbueje

I spend a lot on my fashion-Sophia Egbueje

Even as many would agree that fashion in Nigeria has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years, leading to the emergence and subsequent popularity of brand influencers, fashionista and entrepreneur, Sophia Egbueje believes that the recent growth only serves to underline the abundance of potentials in the fashion industry.

The Nigerian fashion industry which is believed to be worth billions of naira regularly sees a fortune committed to it especially by those who possess the resources in order to make a statement of class and Egbueje admits that she parts with ‘a lot’ despite always getting free items from brands.

“The Nigerian fashion industry and culture are raw, expressive and very creative. Nigerians are very fashion-conscious people and the fashion industry here has a lot of potentials.

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“I work with a lot of Nigerian designers. Some of my favourite pieces are designed right here and I am always amazed by the ability to bring imagination to life in a timely manner.”

“It is hard to compute how much I spend on clothes as I get free stuffs from all the time which eliminates the need to actually purchase these items but I would love to say I actually spend a lot,” the fashionista added.

Speaking on her fashion influence, the brand influencer, who is popular for combining fashion and lifestyle much to the admiration of many, disclosed that only Kylie Jenner has enough sway on her style while adding that entrepreneurial ventures has her attention more than the fashion impression she makes on people’s minds.

With fashion trends often changing with time, Egbueje remarked that her ‘captivating’ fashion sense is driven by the priority of her body over trend and style.

“It doesn’t matter what season it is or the style and trend, if it doesn’t work for my body, it is a hard no for me,” she opined.

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