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How Ali AlSaqoby is being recognized as most popular, successful dentists in Middle East

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​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

In this day and age, we are constantly learning that nothing is impossible as we observe the rising younger generation amaze us with their brilliant minds, talents and accomplishments.

Epitome of such phenomena is the renowned dentist from Kuwait: Dr Ali AlSaqoby, the young multi-talented personality conquers every field he sets his foot to, being: a world class athlete, serial entrepreneur, author and famous social media influencer, is just a few feathers of what the talented doctor has on his cap, as he enjoys not only constantly trying a new field/endeavor but also dominating it!

In his own words he believes: “Life is too short to spend it all in one field/profession, instead always explore and try new things” and adds “you learn when you lose but you gain nothing when you do not try, so always explore, try and learn”.

Born to be great, he is always setting new standards and creating new levels of success via sculpting an ideal and unique niche with his unparalleled multi-faceted lifestyle that is based on leveraging his exceptional talents and powerful mindset.

His sculpted masterpiece is appealing to millions as a powerful source of inspiration by all age groups. This appeal extended to countless news outlets covering his extra-ordinary success story of living a well-rounded multi-faceted lifestyle.

Standing out as an incredibly gifted and highly sought-after dentist.

As a star dentist appointed by the Ministry of health, he actively improves himself relentlessly in the field. As a result, he is gaining a corresponding increase in fame, name and experience that competes with many professional dental practitioners that are in the field for many years, he undoubtedly carved an appealing niche for himself and managed in a very short time to be a shining star in a sea filled with talented dentists in the region, by his sheer hard-work, passion, talent, courage and charming unique presence!

Qualified for an open prestigious scholarship and won the second most talented dental student award.

Reviewing his exceptionally impressive academic history, being a ‘successful and popular dentist’ was inventible of this multi-talented doctor, going back to his schooling years, he was one of the elites in the country that qualified for a scholarship to the country of choice, to study the major of preference fully supported by the government.

He did not disappoint, in fact, he got awarded as the second most talented dental student in the UK.  As impressive this continental accomplishment might sound, it becomes further amplified and admirable given his mastery to juggle between being a world class highly sought-after athlete and a dental student, that is attending an extremely demanding course and acing his studies.

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Incredible balance between being a fantastic dentist and an elite competitive athlete.

A day he would be in England attending classes and other he would be performing flawless and entertaining shows worldwide with the football as a skilled pioneer of football freestyle. With his continuous travel around the world performing flawless football freestyle shows for leading brands and, world class events he received a tremendous recognition from VIPs and journalists.

Besides receiving a wide media coverage of being frequently on the TV and news for his unique talent, he was accredited countless awards, a prominent one was in EXPO MILAN “The world largest expo”, he got awarded by the head of delegation as one of the most influential characters of the world class event.

​​​​​​​​​​Dr. Ali AlSaqoby

Performing just world-class shows was not satisfactory for the challenge seeking talented doctor as he made an effort to compete and raise Kuwait flag high by passing world championships qualifications to be ranking among the best in the world.

Current Kuwait football freestyle president taking the sport in Kuwait to the next level!

Today he is reaping the benefits of his achievements, as per being appointed by the world federation of football freestyle, the prestigious position of leading Kuwait football skills scene to the next level, as the president of the sport.

Without wasting time, fueled by his passion for the sport he immediately revolutionized the sport by promoting it in every way possible, he also organized renowned official championships in which he carefully picks the best to represent Kuwait in the world finals as a highly experienced judge, and active athlete.

Many championships have followed under his supervision during the pandemic abiding with social distancing rules for the safety of the players.

Nowadays he is writing a book about this sport with a section relating to entrepreneurship. The combination of being a skilled writer, successful entrepreneur and one of the most experienced athletes of the sport makes this book a thing that cannot be missed.

Particularly coming from an individual that does not produce anything less than great. However, a release date is yet to be announced to anticipate.

Leveraging his fame in social media for good as being one of the most influential and most followed dentists

After his successful foray into being an established dentist, highly sought-after football freestyle athlete, football freestyle president, entrepreneur and author he went on to earn another feather in his cap as one of the most influential social media users with the highest engagement in the region.

 Dr. Ali AlSaqoby​​

After his fame extended from traditional media to social media due to his extra ordinary lifestyle and stunning good looks the talented dentist is displaying. Dr. Ali immediately harnessed the opportunity across the social media platforms, to educate and empower the people about adapting a healthy lifestyle that exceeds just the oral health. As his words and advice hold tremendous weight on his followers, fans and members of society.

In addition to providing optimal care for his patients by continuously improving himself by attending every possible dentistry related seminar, conference or convention worldwide. He also, supervise and help newly graduated dentist to refine their skills and reach their potential. Just having this privilege at young age is enough to demonstrate the exceptional talent this star dentist possesses as a holder of multiple certificates and degrees including masters of dental surgery.

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