February 3, 2021

Grace Schools announces entrance examination for JSS 1 students

Grace Schools announces entrance examination for JSS 1 students

Lagos-based institution of learning, Grace Schools has announced the date of its 2021/2022 Entrance Examination for JSS 1 students.

The examination, which will be Computer Based Test (CBT) is scheduled to hold on Saturday, February 20, 2021, at the school premises, Plot 241,Ajidagan Street, Gbagada, Lagos, Nigeria.

Quality education must provide a platform for every child to reach for the stars while it is the duty of discerning parents to provide quality education for their children such as is available at Grace schools.

The Schools which comprise Grace Children School and Grace High School were established in 1968 and 1994 respectively, by the visionary, Deaconess Mrs. Grace Bisola Oshinowo.

Prospective students are not selected based on admission test scores alone. They go through observations and informal chats to determine entry level performance.

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The school Administrator/CEO, Iyiola Olakunbo Edun reiterates that the school admits students and builds them based on their strength, weakness, imperfections, confidence.

“Can they talk freely, do they get insecure, where there are lots of people? What is their level of listening? What’s their behaviour while they watch or listen?”May be an image of 7 people

“You see, all these are intertwined in the process of teaching and learning, and delicately too .Once a child is interrupted or misguided in the process, it may be difficult to reshape such a child. This is why parents should take early learning seriously and enroll their students in a school that sees beyond academic performance.

“There are many ways we assess or observe our students to get the best out of them.

“Some students can only digest information while their hands are busy. You’ll see some pupils tapping the table while in class and once you stop them, they get distracted. This means they learn while their hands, minds, and eyes are working in harmony.

“Some love to play with colours, some can only understand stuff with visual display, so we observe, understand, and adopt the best tools to carry every student along.

“This is what we do at Grace Schools, in the process of positioning the mind of young pupils to fit in the digital space.

“Generations of parents have entrusted their children into our care because of our tradition of excellence; which has been consistent for over fifty years. At Grace Schools, we train the head, the heart, and the hand. The result speaks for itself year after year.” She added.

Speaking on the academic alignment to post covid-19 preparations of schools, Mrs. Edun revealed that the school has adopted a checklist and specific actions in accordance with the changing local social, epidemiological, economic, and cultural contexts checklist, as developed by WHO, in collaboration with UNESCO, and members from the health-promoting schools expert working group, to make learning impactful amid the pandemic interruption.

Grace Schools shall be granting scholarship awards for the two highest performing students at the oncoming entrance examination.

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