February 17, 2021

Derah 01: Nigerian king of Slo-mo on TikTok

Derah 01: Nigerian king of Slo-mo on TikTok

Late in 2020, the Nigerian internet witnessed the explosion of yet another viral trend from TikTok – the #slowmochallenge. This challenge asked users to alternate between slowing down their visible pace of activity during a video, based on the flow of a song.

Almost immediately, this challenge took off on TikTok aided by the #InfinityChallenge, another viral TikTok challenge based on a track of the same name by top Nigerian artists Olamide and Omah Lay.

Derah 01, an ascendant TikTok creator, joined TikTok in 2019 and was one of the early adopters of the slo-mo challenge, using it to build his profile and increase his followership.

“I joined the platform in 2019 and watched a lot of videos before I decided to become a creator and not just a user”, Derah shared.

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His consistency on TikTok birthed an opportunity for him to show his talent as the king of slow-mo when he participated in the #InfinityChallenge.

His video which currently has over 2000 shares and over 95K likes stood out effortlessly as his transition was so precise and well done. He has since expanded his content to revolve around dancing and youth lifestyle. It is all part of his goal of being consistent and it is a piece of advice he gives to aspiring creators.”

“Consistency is the key,” he explains. “I made 500+ videos before blowing up on TikTok so just be consistent and smile more.”