By Chimaobi Nwaiwu – Nnewi

A former governorship aspirant in Enugu State, Bishop Chris Asadu has declared that there will not be any country called Nigeria in the nearest future if all hands are not joined together with the Federal and State governments to solve the insecurity threatening the country.

He also said that the body language of leaders in Nigeria today and the impression they are giving Nigerians is that we do not have a country, adding that Nigeria, like when Israel was without a king was like a ship without a Shepherd.

Speaking at Awada Idemili North Local Government Anambra State, during the Super Single and Couples Day out of Fresh and Better Life Africa Foundation, an NGO that is helping people from Africa in health, wealth creation, food provision, skills, reconciliation and building of relationships and good governance, from family to the global community, Bishop Asadu, said that the greatest problem facing Nigeria now is leadership failure.

The leadership has failed the people and until we turn around and begin to know that every leader was raised for the people and their responsibility is to cater for the people, what will happen in the near future will be worst than #EndSAR protest.

Nigeria is so blessed by God but the blessings have been mismanaged and bastardized; corruption has taken over the country and given birth to grandchildren in the country, and therefore we do not have a country anymore because selfishness and self centeredness has become the pursuit of everyone, that is why you will see 10 to 20 people building houses worth N100 million each but cannot contribute to building the road leading to those houses.

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Some people do not know that if they are hungry others are hungry too and if you want to eat, everybody has to eat but if you eat and left others hungry, the hungry people will mob you, of course you know what happened when we had #EndSAR protest, people got frustrated and decided to take their destiny in their hands, what will happen if the leaders fail to address the insecurity and hunger threatening people will be more devastating than #EndSARS.

“Leaders must turn away from selfishness and love and serve the people, they should also bring out policies that will help people achieve their potentials and not ones that are parochial, just to make them loot money from the coffers of government and expect others to go and die.

“Today, people are fainting in Nigeria once you ask them critical questions on how they spent the money given to them, that is a new system, once you ask them such critical questions on funds trusted in their care, they faint and an ambulance will come and take them away from there, the next things is the person goes abroad for medical treatment for two years and that ends the matter.”

Also speaking, Founder and Chief Executive of Fresh and Better Life Africa Foundation, Dr John Nwabueze, a Pharmacist, said that the group was born out of the passion to help people from Africa and globally.

“We are partnering and collaborating to eliminate poverty, social ill and terminal diseases,with all known world NGOs/agencies via information dissemination and empowerment programmes.

“It is a burning desire to help the general populace in the areas of health, wealth creation, food Provision, skills reconciliation, and building relationships.

This is an NGO for the poor, the rich and the affluence.”

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