February 6, 2021

Apostle Suleman: Omashola releases original audio clip

Apostle Suleman: Omashola releases original audio clip

…says audio in circulation doctored

Controversial Lagos pastor, Chris Omashola, yesterday took to the internet to release original audio clip of alleged conversation between a former pastor at Omega Fire Ministries and the founder of the church, Apostle Johnson Suleman.

The former pastor had earlier released an audio clip in which the General Overseer of the church, Suleman had allegedly threatened him.

While Suleman had in a video apologised for being angry towards the lady he was rebuking in the original audio for stalking him, the clergyman, noted that the conversation released by his former pastor was doctored and false.

Omashola described the former pastor’s action as a criminal offence, demonic, evil, an act of wickedness, which remained ridiculous, misleading and deceitful to the general public.

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“This is hatred, jealousy taken too far” says Omashola.

Omashola, who played the conversation in a video he posted on the internet, exposed how a different voice of the former pastor was super-imposed into the original conversation to deceive and mislead unsuspecting Nigerians.

“What kind of wickedness is this?” Apostle Omashola who is the Senior Pastor of Zionwealth Church Lagos said, adding that the action smacked of jealousy and wickedness taken too far

Omashola also showed that the audio was edited to make it sound like someone was being threatened by Apostle Suleman.

“I am in touch with the wife and family. Since all these happened, the man accusing Apostle Suleiman has never called or reached out to his kids. He has their number and knows where they live in Abuja, this is to show that this is not about his wife or kids but a failed satanic attack against Apostle Johnson Suleman and the Omega Fire Ministries. However, it is clear that Apostle Johnson Suleman is innocent from all his evil, false allegations” Pastor Omashola said.

Noting that Suleman is only human with emotions, Omashola said “he has his own temperamental challenges and we all do.”

He said the allegations made against Apostle Suleiman are false, malicious and satanic and should be disregarded by the public.

Watch Video below:

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