February 20, 2021

Anosike’s new book on Business Start-ups, a catalyst to industrialization in Nigeria – LCCI Boss

Anosike’s new book on Business Start-ups, a catalyst to industrialization in Nigeria – LCCI Boss

By Chris Onuoha

The Chairman of Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), Small and Medium Enterprise Group (LCCI/SME), Daniel Dickson-Okezie has said that a new book: “Nigerian Billionaires and Boardroom Gurus, Speak on How to Start and Succeed in Business” would go a very long way in kick-starting industrialization in Nigeria and help to eradicate unemployment and poverty in the Country,

Speaking after reviewing the book, which was written by Peter Anosike, a popular Nigerian journalist and development economist, he said that the book would be of immense help to those who want to go into business as well as those who want to succeed in different kinds of business.

According to him, the book provided answers to why a lot of businesses fail in their infantile stage, while those who managed to survive, instead of thriving, would have stunted growth.

He said that the book also provided answers to the real reason why there are no big companies in Nigeria and how that can be possible.

His words, “Peter Anosike has gradually risen to become an authority in entrepreneurship development, leadership and mentoring. Having read some of his books, including Dangote`s Ten Commandments On Money (Lessons On How To Make Money From One Of The World`s Richest Men). I have no doubt that he has a lot to give to entrepreneurship scholars in particular and the business community in general.

It is a fact that the task of creating, managing and sustaining a business is a major challenge to entrepreneurs. This book brings out the views of the key players in the industry, past and present on how to overcome this challenge”.

“The book, Nigerian Billionaires and Boardroom Gurus Speak On How To Start And Succeed In Business, can be described as a masterpiece”.

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“In fact, it is the greatest money book ever written by an African author and as an SME leader and member of the organized private sector, I am boldly recommending the book to aspiring entrepreneurs, upstarts and owners of businesses. If you want to start and succeed in business, this book is a must-read. If you want to know why small businesses stay small and how to grow your own, this book is also a must-read.”

Dickson Okezie also said that entrepreneurship scholars, business development service providers enterprise trainers as well as policy and strategic decision-makers would find the book very useful.

Peter Anosike,a development writer was for many years business correspondent of the Sun newspaper. One of the leading Nigerian national newspapers.

He pioneered the popular column,”How I Make Money”,in the newspaper, under which he interviewed most of Nigeria’s biggest industrialists and MD/CEOs of blue chip companies on the secrets behind their successes in business. It is from the experience that he got from his one-on-one with these class of Nigerians that he wrote two of his best selling books,Success Secrets of Nigeria’s Richest Men and Dangote’s Ten Commandments on money(Lessons On How To Make Money from One Of The World’s Richest Men).

Dangote’s Ten Commandments On Money was rated as one of the best development books in the world by Wall Street Journal and Forbes and was adopted as a work book for grooming entrepreneurs by Small/Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria(SMEDAN).

Till date he remains the first and only Nigerian to have his book reviewed by Wall Street journal and Forbes.