February 9, 2021

Anambra 2021: We‘ll soon expose those masquerading as PDP aspirants – Okonkwo

Anambra 2021: We‘ll soon expose those masquerading as PDP aspirants – Okonkwo



By Vincent Ujumadu

A GOVERNORSHIP aspirant on the platform of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, for the November 6, 2021, election in Anambra State, Dr. Obiora Okonkwo said today that the party would soon expose those masquerading as governorship aspirants of PDP, when they were in fact, working for other political parties.

Speaking in an interview at Ogidi in Idemili North local government area of the state, Okonkwo alleged that such people, having collected money from their paymasters, have been acting in a way that would convince their sponsors that they had the capacity to cause confusion in PDP.

According to him, what they want to achieve is to ensure that PDP does not nominate a winning candidate for the November 6 election, adding that their aim, therefore, is to ensure that a weak candidate emerged in PDP to make it easy for another party to win.

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He said: “We know who these people are. We chased them out of PDP and they are now fighting from the flanks, but we assure them that they will not succeed. In every election they had done this kind of thing, but very soon we will reveal their identities. They know themselves and they should take this as the last warning.

“One of their strategies is to start the campaign that Dr. Obiora Okonkwo is not in the race and that delegates should not vote for him.

“What this has shown is that I am the aspirant to beat and that is why we merely laugh when we hear such things.

“I want to assure Anambra people and the PDP delegates in particular that we are still strongly in the race and the party has assured everybody that the forthcoming primaries will be free and transparent because the party is desirous of reclaiming the Anambra Government House in November this year in a free and fair election.

“My message to those people who are paid agents of other political parties is that their wish will fail because this is a new PDP.

“PDP has worked very hard to keep the party united in the past three years and we cannot allow saboteurs to return with their usual confusion.”

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