Trump is a symbol of white supremacy.

White is supreme. Trump was president. It didn’t matter what he grabbed and whom he grabbed; white women voted for him. He was white, brash and bare-knuckled against racial niceties as whites should be. And they liked him so. Political correctness is white cowardice.

If Trump weren’t white, he might have been on the sex offender’s register. But since he was the epitome of white purity, he got away with everything.

Trump said he could shoot someone on the fifth avenue and get away with it. We had thought it was an exaggeration or a truthful hyperbole. But it has become an understatement. Trump has shot the republic in the heart and will get away with it.

He committed egregious impeachable offenses, did naked quid pro quo, used official position to his private advantages, appointed his children to high offices, and let them run everything and bully people. He got away with a few scratches.

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White is supreme. If Trump were black and used foul words, conjured pejorative epithets for political opponents—Nasty Nancy, Crooked Hillary—chewed taboos like a baby chewing candy, Trump would never be an American president. But white makes things soft and blurry. He showed his color; his color is extreme-white. When Trump started, he created ‘lying Ted’, mocked the disabled, and demonized the media. He could have been stopped. If he were black, he would have been labeled unstable, uncouth, uncivilized.

During the 2016 campaigns, he said he would jail his opponent. If it were in Africa, the US secretary of state would have flown in to issue warnings about free and fair elections. When he pressured the Justice ministry to re-open investigations against Clinton, America didn’t remember the rule of law. When he pressured Ukraine to investigate Biden, his 2020 potential opponent, most American lawmakers stood by him, encouraged evil, and Trump labeled the impeachment process a witch-hunt.

We all saw Trump side with racist groups and praise Klu Klux klan in the open. They saw him call African countries shit-hole countries. Before then, he had done the knee jerk Muslim countries visa ban. But Trump is the real white, so whatever he did was tolerated since he served white prejudices like none other. He was the man brought in to deal a blow to the pretensions of equality.

Nobody of any other race could have lied so much, behave like an inebriated urchin, yet be venerated by many millions. He got 70 million votes in 2020. The same man who was so verbally incontinent he once told the dying public that bleach in addition to hydroxychloroquine could cure COVID.  He didn’t bother with what the doctors thought of his prescription. Some of the doctors were willing to bow before him and inhale bleach.

With Trump, narcissism became a virtue, and fulminating ignorance in the white house became national strength. He made his advisers redundant, and they thought him a genius. Only when he booted them out of office did they come back to their senses.

Trump didn’t dissemble. No-one was fooled. He announced he wouldn’t accept election results months before the election. He rejected the results and pressured state officials to repudiate the results. Trump and his Republican lackeys flooded the courts with election suits. They were almost all thrown out. Some of them were so comical they invited inquiries into Trump’s sanity. Yet 90% of the republican party continued to back his effort to denigrate American democracy.

It’s baffling. Trump pours his scorn on African countries, yet many Africans thoughtlessly worship him as a deity and work for his political longevity with prayers and fasting. Trump insulted the hell out of senator Cruz in 2016, but Cruz has become Trump’s altar boy. A devotee who would rather have  American democracy truncated than Trump yield to the wishes of the American people.

Only a white man can be Trump. Black and Latino versions of Trump would have had inescapable jail careers in their youths. And if any of them got to adulthood through all the crookedness and ended in politics with such a filthy mouth, stinking past, and irreverent ways, he would have quietly been trashed at his political infancy. But Trump, who bragged about grabbing women by their genitals and violating them through his star power, has remained the Messiah.  His sins weren’t overlooked;  they weren’t sins. The symbol of white supremacy was beyond sin.

He promised to Make America Great Again. So he tried to destroy NATO and the WHO. He dumped climate change and frolicked with Putin,  Duterte, and Kim Jung un. He killed alliances and damaged American values. And they cheered him. They were delirious; their savior had come. Perhaps the same kind of greatness Hitler promised Germans and got them intoxicated enough to join him in doing things mad people wouldn’t do.

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He did great things. He once teargassed protesters in Washington to walk to a church’s door and take pictures holding a bible. He went there escorted by great men and military Generals. They didn’t deem him infantile.

So it wasn’t quite disgusting to see protesters besiege and ransack the Capitol. Didn’t he, on national television, tell the Proud Boys to stand by? Despite the outrage, it wasn’t obscene; it was all too foreseeable. A president inciting people to attack the legislature. That might be the denouement, but the plot had been bare for a long time. Perhaps it was nice to see the Capitol police, who had early warning of this protest, capitulate and let white supremacists march into the hallowed chambers of American democracy with flags of bigotry.

It was all about whiteness, so the police were polite.

If Trump were black, he would have contained himself or booked a bedspace in an asylum. No one would worship the mischief of a black man in America. Except if the black man took to evangelizing white supremacy. But even then, despite the overzealousness he might possess, he would be labeled a counterfeit. Imagine a black president renaming the CNN Corrupt News Network and the majority in the American senate cowering?

White is a privilege.

I thank God for sending Trump our way.

He laid bare the hypocrisy of America.

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