January 4, 2021

Stop misleading young women against dating men who are broke – Didi Ekanem

Stop misleading young women against dating men who are broke – Didi Ekanem


As year 2021 has begun in earnest, Nollywood actress, Didi Ekanem has called out relationship experts for misleading young women against dating men who are broke.

In a lengthy Instagram post, the actress stated that those who are lucky to find men who can take care of them shouldn’t make others who are not that fortunate feel like they are unlucky.

Didi, who averred that it’s not a sin to date broke men, stressed that “a broke man today will become rich tomorrow.”

She wrote: “You see this 2021 we are entering so, abeg my fellow sisters, no relationship motivational nonsense. Allow people to date who they want to date. If our mothers did not marry our broke fathers then, we will not be here. If you are lucky to find a man that takes care of you, lucky you then but don’t feel the need to make other women feel like they are unlucky because their destiny is different. Money is good but don’t make it a yardstick for a good relationship.”

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“Stop calling men broke. If they become armed robbers now, you will complain. If they become yahoo boys, you will say God forbid, I can’t marry a yahoo boy, yet you call them broke.

A broke man today will become rich tomorrow. All the rich men you see and hear of today were once broke, yet women still married them. It’s not a sin to date a broke man, stop misleading young women please.”

“Every broke guy today is a potential rich man tomorrow, except for the lazy ones who can’t work hard. Some men are destined to be rich at the age of 20,some 30, 40 and some from birth. Now you cannot look at a man and just conclude that he is broke because at the time you met him, he isn’t doing so well. Men grow slowly and it’s ok. If money was all that , a lot of rich wives wouldn’t be seeking for divorce to settle for peace . My sisters be wise !”

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