Nigeria is a conglomerate of many nations with rich and diverse cultural backgrounds. This diversity, which comes in the forms of dressing, language, food, etc is the major contribution to our beauty as a country. Closer interaction among peoples of the various ethnic regions has fuelled the interest of people of other regions in the culture of other nationalities, especially in the area of food.

The Yoruba have efo riro, amala and ewedu etc; the Hausa have tuwo shinkafa etc; Igbo have nsala, oha soups etc; and the Efik have afang, edika ikong among the many other delicacies. It has become normal today for an Igbo man to order edika ikong or amala and ewedu that were traditionally Efik and Yoruba delicacies respectively, or see a Yoruba woman order nsala soup that was traditionally Igbo delicacy.

This widened appetite is either unmatched by the knowledge of the way to prepare those intricate-to-prepare delicacies or are time-constrained due to their work schedule, and leaves the lovers of these foods at the mercy of the various restaurants that doth the nooks and crannies of Nigerian cities.

More often than not, these food lovers are put between the devil of not serving the ‘real’ dish as they should and the deep blue sea of getting classical food poisoning because of the unwholesome way these dishes are prepared and served. One company that has set itself apart in resolving the issues that come in between Nigerians and their love of Nigerian dishes is Soupamarket.

The Soupamarket, a culinary company, founded by Olashile Abayomi, that has, for the past five years, delivered healthy, high quality, and delicious homemade Nigerians soups and stews to Nigerians of all classes and ethnic nationalities.

The company has demonstrated that all Nigerians, regardless of financial status or ethnic nationality, could have quality food for themselves and their family. In addition to the local dishes, Soupamarket has a product, it calls Soupa Blends – a mixture of herbs in a paste – that boosts the immune system of those who drink it.

Olashile, like every young Nigeria, has an appetite for making good meals. This appetite made her develop a more-than-passing interest in cooking. Cooking is problem-solving for her and sooner than later, she became a harbinger of sumptuous meals at her home and among her friends right from University Days.

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The feedback she received from her circle who came to taste her delicious made her realize that she was not alone in the desire for good meals – that everyone hungers for well-prepared, delicious meals, irrespective of their social status. Also, from that feedback, she realised that the factors of time and lack of know-how (recipe) are the reasons many people go for some not-so-delicious meals.

This insight along with a divine calling from God according to Olashile, prompted the founding of Soupamarket– to ensure that its services best fit the needs of people all around the world in terms of Nigerian indigenous delicacies.

The company, whose vision is aimed at ensuring that no one is denied the opportunity to savour, relish and experience the happiness which abounds in Nigerian delicacies, ensures that no one goes to bed hungry by taking into cognizance the financial status of its clients, as well as their operating environment.

The company has many unique selling propositions (USPs) that distinguish it from the regular restaurants and the other so-called food service providers, one of which is the personalized services that the company offers to its clients. The company treats every patron and order as distinct from others.

The menu of the company is on its website and all a prospective client needs do is to select his or her dish of choice and add his or her specifics (salt, oil and pepper levels) or call the customer service personnel, who will take their time to pick out every detail in the clients’ orders and communicate same to the chefs who then religiously prepare the meals according to specifications and deliver such to the customers’ homes or offices. Also, the company has a capable logistics handling team that ensures that the dishes are delivered hot and fresh to its clients.

Another USP of Soupamarket is the wholesomeness of their dishes. Unlike what the regular restaurants, all the ingredients that Soupamarket uses in the preparation of its broths are gotten from healthy sources and prepared by competent hands, and in the most hygienic environment to ensure that the dishes are not only tasty but also wholesome and delicious.

This eliminates all the chances of possible classical food poisoning that are the lot of some of the patrons of the regular restaurants, as a result of the less-than-desired hygiene standards.

The advent of Soupamarket has eased off the burden of cooking in many homes in the past five years. Many people, especially the upwardly mobile married men and women nowadays place their orders for various dishes on Soupamarket who deliver them to the comfort of their homes timely and according to their specifications.

Also, bachelors and spinsters today have their assorted dishes as and when they want them from this culinary company, thus eliminating the challenges of time and recipe know-how that tend to come in-between them and good meals.

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