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January 4, 2021

PWAN Group honours staff, partners with cars, houses

New executive officers emerge in REDAN South-West zone states

By Kingsley Adegboye

Premier real estate network marketing firm, Property World Africa Network, PWAN Group, took staff welfare to a new height, giving out 14 cars and other gifts to its staff and partners at an event marking the firm’s annual thanksgiving for the outgoing year.

According to the Group’s Chairman, Dr. Austin Onwumere, “the gesture is PWAN’s way of saying a hearty thank you to all its hardworking staff, affiliates and partners, for their extraordinary contributions to the amazing strings of success of the real estate giant.”

One of the star prizes was a Lexus Jeep 350 2010 model. It went to  Barrister Lynda Oma, a Team Manager for PWAN Max,  who clinched the highest salesperson award for the year 2020.

While presenting the car to Oma, Onwumere encouraged PWAN staff and partners to always apply the principles of success, embrace careful planning and set out each day resolutely to achieve their set goals.

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He said: “One of the ways a person succeeds in life, depends on the kind of company he or she keeps, and what the person does with his or her time.

“If you do your work well and apply the principles of success you will be like a tree planted by the rivers of water.

“Success is what we are celebrating today because we have taken our enterprise like our lives depend on it. I am not here to excite you, but to tell you that everything is achievable with proper planning,” Dr Onwmere added.

Account Dept

On her part, Group Managing Director, Dr Jayne Obioma Onwumere, also commended the  Accounts Department of the firm for maintaining effectiveness, transparency and integrity in all of the company’s financial dealings.

She said: “The place to maintain integrity is in the Accounts  Department. And you know that the money we deal with in this company is in millions.

“Our accounting staff have been handling all of that every day and we have had no cause to suspect them.”

Invariably, the head of the Accounts Department, Mr. Gerald Odion, staff of PWAN Heaven, got a car award plus the Chairman’s accolades.

“Four years in PWAN, you have been handling the cash of the company. We are doing this because you have proven that your skills are God-given and that’s how you are using it.

“You have been delivering it honourably; you are very careful, respectful and loyal. I have seen it in you,” Dr. Onwumere said.

He continued: “So you see, this is not just a car, it goes with my heart, our hands because the anointing on my head is speaking right now. You are not going to remain at this spot, you are going to rise to a higher appointment that will make people envy you.

“That is why I asked for the people that made me who I am today to help me with this thing. This car is not ordinary, it is a mantle to fulfil destiny.”

The Chairman and his wife also used the occasion to boost the welfare and morale of their household staff.


Beyond that, the Onwumeres shared sweet memories of their experiences with their personal staff.

Mrs Onwumere said: “I have known John Uwadia since he was a small boy. He now has a Master’s degree and yet very humble. I was the one who brought John to be one of the Chairman’s Personal Assistants because I know that the Chairman needed someone who will serve him with humility.

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“John is humility personified. He has been with the Chairman for about three years plus; the car we are giving him today should have come to him a long time ago.

“I am just waiting for the day he will get married,” and she pressed the keys of Toyota Big Daddy into John’s palm.

The next personal staff who got the car award was the GMD’s Personal Assistant, Charles.

The GMD equally spoke of the PA in glowing terms: “Believe me, I am really really very proud of him. He is my PA and truly he is a PA.

“If I call Charles, of course I am likely to call at odd hours; even if he did not pick he will call back and say Mom what do you want me to do? Just say it I will do it.

“It’s really a gift from God to have a PA who is ready to take care of things because this our work is all too demanding,” she explained.

Perhaps, the most notable awards went to the Chairman’s personal driver, Mr. Sam, who got a second car, one plot of land, N50,000 salary increment and a two-bedroom flat for his loyalty, dedication and humility to the first family of PWAN  Group.

He was employed as Chairman’s driver but later rose to head PWAN Group’s drivers unit. Incidentally, he was recalled to work as a personal driver to the Chairman.

Pronouncing the rewards for Sam’s exemplary services, the GMD said: “Sometimes I get jealous of Sam because he is such a dedicated staff.

“As Chairman’s driver, he tries not to offend me. But there is no way you can be Chairman’s driver and not offend his wife.

“Apart from being the Chairman’s driver, he is the person that is closest to Chairman, but I appreciate him because I want to know that my husband is in good hand.

“So Chairman, you are going to give Sam another car, the former one was given to him by PWAN Group and it will be for his wife, now you are going to give Sam Chairman’s award.

“In addition to that we are going to give him a plot of land and eventually build a two-bedroom flat for Sam.”

Concurring, the Chairman added,  “I have increased his salary with N50,000.”

There were several other car awards and gifts courtesy of different PWAN Group and various affiliates.

Some of the recipients include Miss Anita Lawson, who emerged the most dedicated staff of the years for PWAN Lekki affiliate.

Erubo Ayemoje won the highest sailing person, while Nduka Echime clinched the greatest sailing partner award.

For PWAN Royal, the highest-selling PBO is Blessing Ekpo; Chemical Oma Victor, the most effective staff of the year 2020; and Dolapo Abioye, the most dedicated staff of the year.


PWAN Plus Business Concerns gifted cars to its Accounts Officer and the Administrative Officer, Mr. Simeon and Ogboafi Ifoma Joyce, respectively.

Simeon described the MD of PWAN Plus, Dr. Julius Oyedemi as a father, brother and friend, saying: “I am very grateful that I have the opportunity to work under him.

“He happened to be one of the delighted affiliates in the group and everybody wishes to work with Mr. Julius so I’m privileged to be one of the pioneers under PWAN Plus and the promise made years ago is fulfilled today.

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“I’m a living witness of this promise and I will continue to give my best using my skills, talent and all that God has given me to move this company forward.

“The testimonies of the elated recipients speak eloquently of PWAN Group’s commitment to lifting the living standards of its workers and partners.

“Today, I’m very excited because PWAN Max company blew my mind away with this car gift. I am overwhelmed with joy, I’m so grateful to God and thankful for the opportunity to even serve in this capacity.

“PWAN Group, which I call the ‘pwan phenomenon’ is a brand that basically transforms people’s lives.

“The real estate business and network marketing aspect of the business is a part, but the core is in transforming lives and empowering people.

“I am a testimony to the fact that indeed the vision that God has given this brand through the visioners, Dr. Austin Onwumere and his wife, Dr Jayne, which is to empower people to change lives, I am a beneficiary.

“For that reason, I’m very grateful to them. I am grateful to the brand, grateful to PWAN Max for blessing me with a car today.

“I’m completely overwhelmed. I shed tears because it’s a dream come through for me,” Oma said in an emotion-laden voice.

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