January 20, 2021

Nigerian TikTok creators to watch out for in 2021 throughout 2020

Nigerian TikTok creators to watch out for in 2021 throughout 2020

TikTok continued to be a place for people from all walks of life to be entertained and inspired. While the platform’s global community of creators expressed themselves through dance, music and comedy, many also used their platform to provide fashion tips advice as this is extremely popular locally.

Now, as we embrace the New Year, we’re shining the spotlight on a list of local creators with incredible skills and talents that everyone should watch out for this year. These creators are all bringing something remarkable to the platform.

  1. A Hidden AnimatorIf you’re a social media user in Nigeria, chances are that you’ve seen at least one of @Mark_Kacy’s animated videos. Mark is an award-winning animator who, despite the ubiquity of his videos, prefers anonymity, which only adds to the allure that has made him so popular on TikTok.

Mark’s animation content is funny, relatable, and interesting as he uses audio extracts with his animation.  Since starting his account, Mark has managed to get over 19 million likes across all of his videos.

  1. The African Water ManFirst getting TikTok-famous as a comedian with a range of characters that he created for himself, @officialdededuk has switched things up and has now become the “African Water Man” as he fights to correct the stigma that “Africans do not have water”. Dede has continued to portray his message in a funny and informative manner while being respectful of differences.

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  1. Meet The Magician Auwal Marafa, aka @9ja_Tricks, is a real-life magician. The Northern Nigerian performs an assortment of tricks in a variety of locations, and is a beacon of TikTok’s power of connectivity.


  1.         The Energy GoddessWith culture intersecting at a fast pace in Nigeria, certain people have become arbiters of what is pop and what isn’t. By virtue of her prominent place on TikTok, @JenniFrank29 is one of Nigeria’s biggest pop culture personalities. Through a range of dance routines, pop culture crazes and duets, she has set herself apart and continues to make strides while uplifting Nigerian content.


  1. The Young Up-and-comerAshley may be young but he is set to be a meme king for years to come. @AshleyKeno17 is already setting the pace for meme content in Nigeria through his very creative and relatable videos, which balance the actions and text.   The Slo-mo QueenPopular content creator, @Aji_Anje, rose to fame for being at the forefront of the recent slo-mo effects wave that has taken over social media. She has expanded her content pool to include video reels and nostalgic videos.


  1. Positive Vibes Only@Jhayneey is a beauty creator who loves to dance. She’s fun and creative with all the trends and challenges she hops onto without looking out of sync with herself.


  1. Some Twin Magic – TwinzlovesMoyin and Doyin make up one of TikTok’s most popular twin accounts In Nigeria, @Twinzloves,  most popular for their video pranks. Their mother is a regular fixture in their videos and they just enjoy themselves while giving their 476k followers a glimpse into the inner workings of their lives.


  1. The ImitatorNo one saw @Gabbie_Tori coming.  The content creator caught everyone unaware, storming the platform with her brand of character imitations, accents and a personality like no other.


  1. Living Her Free LifeThe unique power of @Just_Trixx is her ability to document her life without any restriction. She is one of a number of young Nigerians who have taken TikTok by storm this year, building a following of over 50k.