January 15, 2021

My love for herbs inspired Kynkys Herbal World— Nkemjika Uzoma

My love for herbs inspired Kynkys Herbal World— Nkemjika Uzoma

Nkemjika Uzoma

Nkemjika Uzoma

Nkemjika Greatness Uzoma is the amazon blazing the trail in the Nigerian cosmetic and skincare market, with her Kynkys Herbal World product.

Armed with a degree from one of the top ivory towers in South Africa, Nkenjika Uzoma, having worked for a while, took the bold step to go back to her first love while growing up with her parents.

The Abia State native was born on April 17, 1997, to Mr. and Mrs. Francis and Adaku Uzoma and after her primary and secondary education in Nigeria, she proceeded to the University of Western Cape, South Africa, where she obtained a Bachelor of Science degree.

Narrating how she ventured into the production of the skincare beauty products— Kynkys Herbal World— Nkemjika Uzoma said her mother introduced her to herbs at a very tender age.

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How love for herbs and nature began?

“My love for nature and herbs actually inspired me to go into the business of producing Kynkys Herbal World.

“I have always been fascinated and attracted to nature and herbs while growing up as a child and even now as an adult.”

What role did your parents play in your crave for herbs?

“I watched my mother cure our sicknesses with herbs, which were got from nature. Instead of medicine, my mother used herbs and leaves to treat us when we were sick and we recovered quickly,” said Nkemjika Uzoma.

As a kid, how often did your parents take you to hospital when you were sick?

“As far as I can recollect, my parents did not take us to hospitals when we were sick. My mother believed strongly in the medicinal power of herbs and roots and she used different herbal mixtures to cure us of our diseases.”

Do you hate drugs and how often do you go to hospitals?

“Personally, I hate drugs and injections. As a child, I hated them and as I grew into an adult, my hatred grew more while I embraced all things herbs and roots.

“I am a lover of herbs and all things nature and it is my therapy for curing diseases and staying healthy, fresh and beautiful.

“That was how my love for herbs and natural things grew bigger and I decided to go into the herbal world fully,” added Nkemjika Uzoma.

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