January 27, 2021

How Weighing industry is Boosting business Growth in Nigeria

How Weighing industry is Boosting business Growth in Nigeria

By Victor Arjiromanus

One of the major challenges of production companies in Nigeria is measuring the sizes of goods and knowing the amounts of components used during production. However, these problems are being resolved with the emergence of the weighing industry.

According to Products-weighing specialist and Engineer, Mr. Osikhena Richard, the Chief Executive Officer, Rio-Weighing Systems limited, a company that offers automated weighing services and solutions to companies that have problems weighing their products,  ‘the weighing industry is enhancing faster and better production and causing economic growth in Nigeria’

‘Many companies do not know the right kilograms of ingredients in their products, they just mix ingredients and produce, then sell them  to the public, which often becomes dangerous to thousands of people unknowingly.’

‘Another problem is that, many companies do not even know the real sizes of their products, and most times they produce and sell same products, but with different weights or sizes, which could lead to unbalanced cost of production, and may have economic effect on them, all because they do not have the right measuring equipment to ascertain products sizes’ He said.

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He advised those involved in  the production of farm produce, medicines and other edibles to measure the components of their products before selling them to the public for consumption.

Engr. Osikhena who said the weighing industry which is quite young in Nigeria and unfamiliar to lots of companies, lamented a shortage of weighing operators in Nigeria, which has made it difficult for producers to patronize their services. However, he said his company Rio-weighing Systems together with its partners in the USA and Italy that has offered automated weighing services to giant companies such as Unilever, Toleram, Eigeria, Armani farms and others is willing to support industries with weighing challenges, and provide them with services, such as measurements of product sizes, evaluation of product components, installation of weighing equipment in their companies, lab analysis and optimization of production system

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