January 7, 2021

Have plan B, save for rainy days – Sonaira Business World’s CEO to Nigerian entrepreneurs

Have plan B, save for rainy days – Sonaira Business World’s CEO to Nigerian entrepreneurs

The success of Sonaira Business World came with lessons on how to succeed as an entrepreneur in Nigeria says it’s Founder, Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor.

Sonaira Business World is one of Nigeria’s leading online and offline retail businesses.

According to Ovuehor: “I have learnt to always have a plan B and save for the rainy day; and also, I have learnt the importance of leveraging emerging platforms like social media for marketing and sales purposes. This is what every other business minded individual in Nigeria should emulate in order to succeed.”

And to aspiring young entrepreneur, she offered another nugget of wisdom: “My advice is:  develop a passion and make money out of it. This is the first step of breaking the cycle of poverty.”

On what distinguishes Sonaira Business World as a brand, she avowed: “Our products cater to the needs of everyone on a budget. Secondly, we offer opportunities to people to earn as they resell or refer others. We also take our clients seriously and consider their interests first before making reforms.”

While it started in 2017 as beauty, health and fashion retail business, Sonaira Business World, which operates online and offline, has expanded into real estate management, sales and supply of construction equipment, local and international trade and global courier and logistics services.

The CEO of Sonaira Business World, who regarded herself as “a lifetime entrepreneur” further avowed that she derives pleasure in buying and selling major commodities. “This has given my business the remarkable alias of ‘the jack of most trades’,” she affirmed.

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The growth of Sonaira Business World, according to her was due in part to the strategy of keeping up with the time by upgrading the types of goods and services it offers.  “We also have a non-competitive mode of operation whereby we focus on our strengths, eliminate our weaknesses and try not to imitate the general market. What works for another business might not work for us, so we always stay focused on our lane,” she disclosed

How Sonia Omon-Obehi Ovuehor had grown Sonaira Business World into a force to reckon with is a feat that did not surprise many observers as she had built an unassailable track record over time, winning several awards as a testament to her business acumen. Her slew of awards includes Most Aspiring Realtor 2017 and Pan African Institute’s 2014 Award for Excellence and Innovation. The Sonaira Business World CEO was also twice a recipient of Award for Excellence from Smart Woman Nigeria Network in 2013 and 2019

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