January 12, 2021

Halt further lopsided appointments, borrowings from China — Cleric warns Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Chimaobi Nwaiwu, Nnewi

The Founder of Living Christ Mission Incorporated and Founder/Chancellor Daddy Hezekiah University Umudim, Nkwerre, Imo State, Prof. Daddy Hezekiah has called on the Federal Government of Nigeria to halt further taking of unwarranted loan, particularly from China.

Describing China as a terrible and desperate country, Prof. Hezekiah warned that “Taking a loan from a terrible and desperate country like China amounts to mortgaging the future of Nigeria, and Nigerians.”

Addressing newsmen in Onitsha, Prof. Hezekiah called on President Mohammed Buhari to stop what he described as a lopsided appointment in his kitchen cabinets, saying is the bane of good government by his All Progressive Congress, APC, government in Nigeria, saying that until things were done the right way, Nigeria would continue to borrow from one country to the other.

He said that “the APC Government in Nigeria is devoid of integrity and only men of integrity could save the country from the mess she was already into as s result of the party’s government.”

He, however, said that with the way things are going in Nigeria, there is a serious need for restructuring the country, to enable it function and flourish well as a country with abundant human and natural resources.

Prof. Hezekiah also called on Americans to defend their integrity, alleged that the US presidential election between American President Donald Trump and President-elect, Joe Biden, was not free and fair and that is why it is raising dust.

“The 2020 US presidential election was only but a show of fraud, shame and disgrace on the part of United States of America, it was a very disgraceful outing by America.

“The election has simply dragged down the image of America as a country to the mud and the whole world was looking up them to redeem their image as fast as possible because America cannot afford to be undervalued.

“The emergence of Biden as American President-elect was illegal and could also mean the emergence of some vices that are against the worship of God and other satanic appearances.

“Former President Barack Obama approved gay marriage and otherwise unheard evil practices, today he is solidly behind Biden which means danger to the world.

“Christians should  continue praying for Trump because he is against evils introduced by Obama, and lovers of evil especially now they have teamed up in a bid to fraudulently remove Trump, many Christians are completely ignorant of the game Obama and others are playing.”

Taking a stand on the issue of homosexuality and lesbianism, Prof. Hezekiah, said: “they are practices that are completely against the word of God Almighty and I must warn children of God to shun such evil practices.”

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