January 21, 2021

[VIDEO]Eugene Goodman: Hero of Capitol riot, escorts Vice President Kamala Harris

Eugene Goodman

Eugene Goodman

January 6 was when the United States of America’s image as the symbol of democracy almost dissolved into a mirage.

The world watched in horror as rioting Donald Trump’s supporters invaded the Capitol, wreaking havoc and, most poignantly, figuratively shredding the threads that bind the free world.

Among the heroes that saved the day was a police officer called Eugene Goodman.

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As the baying mob swamped the building, the lawmakers cowered and the rioters smelled blood. But Goodman did a good thing. Pretending to fight the mob, he baited them. And as they surge towards him, he drew them away from the Senate chamber.

The key moment was on the second floor where the Senate chamber is located. When he got there, he glanced left and the door was still opened.

So he taps the man at the head of the mob and moves right. The bait worked, as the mob followed him, moving away from the opened door of where the lawmakers were cowering. Then backup arrived.

Below is a video of Goodman “(mis)directing” the baying mob:

His life was on the line. But democracy was on the guillotine. His act and that of many others saved the day. And the January 20 inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris saw the world breathing with ease again due, in part, to the heroics of a Eugene Goodman.

When a system works for you, you don’t need any political demagogue to do your duties. And any special reward is just a bonus.

So Goodman was named the Acting Deputy House Sergeant-at-Arms and became the escort for Vice President Kamala Harris.

The video below is Acting Deputy Senate Sergeant-at-Arms, Private First Class Eugene O. Goodman escorting the Vice President. And the ovation is for him:

It’s the land of the brave, innit?

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