January 20, 2021

Ariori applauds Lagos govt as Monkey Village gets new name



Arogbonlo Israel

Mr Abiodun Ariori, a land developer, has applauded Lagos State Government for approving the renaming of demolished Monkey Village at Opebi, Ikeja, after Meadow and Amoore families, the original owners of the land.

Ariori, in an interview with newsmen on Tuesday, said that the renaming would remove the negativity associated with the area and give it a positive reputation.

Recall that Vanguard had earlier reported the state government on December 31, 2020, demolished the shanty Monkey Village, located at Opebi, Ikeja, which was notorious as hideout for criminals.

In his words, Engineer Ariori noted that the ongoing development of an estate at the site would hinder miscreants from returning to the area.

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“As the developer of the property, the only road that leads to the area has been damaged by erosion and it is only proper to construct the road, create drainage and put inter-locking.

“This would enable people to gain access to the area. We are also trying to make sure we link the road to the canal for the benefit of the people in the area and enhance security so that the miscreants would not come back to the area,’’ he said.

Ariori said it was commendable that the state government helped to remove the shanties that served as hideouts for the criminals and blocked all the loopholes that might aid their return.

The state government, through the Lagos State Ministry of Physical and Urban Planning, demolished the Monkey Village, Opebi, Ikeja on December 31, 2020.

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