January 7, 2021

Amnesty International bombs Trump, accuses him of inciting Capitol riots in Washington

Former US President Donald Trump
United States President, Donald Trump.

By Nwafor Sunday

Amnesty International has accused President Donald Trump of instigating Capitol Hill riot in Washington.

Pro-Trump had yesterday stormed Capitol to protest alleged electoral fraud experienced in the November 3 presidential election.

An unidentified woman was shot dead during the protest and many were reportedly injured.

Recall that Trump who lost the popular and Electoral College vote had continued to dispute the election results, without evidence, and has encouraged his supporters to attend the rallies. He took the stage about noon to roaring crowds, falsely claiming he had won the election.

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In view of that, Amnesty International opined: “Trump has incited violence & intimidation, as he continued to refuse accepting election results. These are not actions of a leader, but an instigator.

Trump’s embrace of white supremacist groups & extremists has further fanned the flames of chaos & violence we witnessed.”

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