Is the heavenly reward no longer worth waiting for?By Luminous Jannamike

Adeshola Atanda Foundation (AAF), a non-governmental organisation (NGO), has donated wheelchair and food items to Chinelo Agwura, a 17 year-old child with special need.

Mrs Adeshola Atande, Chief executive officer (CEO) of the AAF said that the foundation was throwing it’s weight behind children with special needs in any way they could, easing the stress of their care-givers and also putting smiles on their faces.

“We started this foundation four years ago, anytime my children were celebrating their birthdays we would visit the orphanages and motherless babies homes.

“I always feel that they lacked care and didn’t have enough attention ,but during the lockdown last year  I decided to start it up and since then we have been able to touch so many lives .

“God has been our backbone, God has been our support ,we haven’t begged anyone to help us so far.

“In the case of the miracle child, Chinelo, I will be very happy if she can go to school and get the opportunity to have basic education like any other child, the gifts that are inherent in her can be harnessed and she would have a good life then.

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“I wish to seek the help of good spirited Nigerians, NGOs and the government to help make her dreams of going to school a reality.

Mrs Chika Agwura, mother of the 17 year-old said she was overwhelmed with what the foundations had done to put a smiles on their faces.

“I am overwhelmed, I didn’t expect this, only God can reward them, words cannot fully express how I feel today.

“I didn’t give birth to her like this. It all started when she was two years and two months old in 2006.

“It first came as convulsion, we rushed her to National hospital, they tried their best but it had disfigured her.

“A month and two weeks later, they put her in a special room saying that she didn’t need noise, there was a day she gave up, after about 39 mins 40 secs she came back.

“The hospital discharged her saying she was going to die in about three days so as to avoid us wasting money.

“The next visit to the hospital, the doctors were surprised to see she was still alive and said she was a miracle child. There must be a reason God is keeping her.

“The convulsion still comes, when she has malaria if you don’t treat her she starts to convulse.

“She has never been in a school, but once she sees pencil she starts to write.

“There are mostly private schools and most of them are very expensive. I would be happy if she can go to school.

Mr Nick Biebem, founder of Miss Health International Foundation, applauded the efforts of the AAF, saying it was remarkable and proved that there are still good Nigerians willing to help lift other up and put a smile on millions of faces

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