December 20, 2020

Why I don’t listen to rap music any more – Rapper, Traidmarc

Why I don’t listen to rap music any more – Rapper, Traidmarc

By Benjamin Njoku

With so many emerging talents trying to rap these days, one believes that rappers would enjoy feeding off each other’s songs for inspiration. But this is not so, with Austrian-based Nigerian rapper, McDonald Emiantor, popularly known as Traidmarc.

Traidmarc recently revealed that he doesn’t listen to rap music any more even though he’s a rapper.

Speaking during a virtual press parley, Traimac said as an artiste he tries not to listen to too many rappers to avoid being influenced by their sounds.

“I stay on my lane. I am a boss on my lane. I do my own thing. I actually don’t listen to rap music as such as funny as that sounds. As an artiste, I have to filter a lot of stuff to avoid outside influences,” he said.

He continued: “The music that you make actually is a reflection of the music that you consume. I try not to listen to a whole lot of rappers out there to be honest. But when it comes to staying abreast with what is happening in the game I can tell you that we know what is happening and who’s doing what in the game. I cannot remember when last I purchased or downloaded some rappers music just to listen to it.”

“I try not to listen to too many rappers because the last thing you would want as an artiste is when you are in the studio recording some of these outside influences, music you have listened to start impacting the way you are writing and composing your songs because you are trying to keep up with the trend.”

“It is something that happens to every artiste. So, I am mindful of the kind of music I listen to. In fact, I listen to artistes like Jack Johnson. Back in the days, I listen to music from the past. I am an old school. I listen to the Everly Brothers, Gladys Knight. I stay away from the current trend. If you listen to my music, you can tell that my music is coming from the past. I grew up with hip hop. I actually don’t listen to the trend any more as it is now turning into rap music. I don’t like the way the younger generations are doing it.”

Traidmark spoke against the backdrop of the recent release of his latest album titled “The Epilogue,”, which he said chronicles the story of his life.

According to him, his decade of experience came into play in the ‘Epilogue. “Everything about the ‘Epilogue’ has been my story, my journey. I write about the things I go through. I don’t like writing fictional work. I write factual work.”

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‘The Epilogue’ with 24 tracks, is a masterpiece, a class act. I say that with all confidence because of the amount of work that went into it; the efforts, sleepless nights,” Traidmarc added.

According to Traidmarc, the reason behind the popularity of his music is the way his lyrics connect with an audience. He is passionate about using the power of music to motivate and support people who are struggling.

Traidmarc’s first official single was released in 2011 with the song “Come Dance With Me”, which broke the internet with over a million views, hits, and clicks, in the space of 24 hours. He became a global sensation and in 2013, he released his single Got My Eyes On You.

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