December 12, 2020

What’s Tickin’ on TikTok?

TikTok introduces text-only posts

“Infinity,” a song by Olamide featuring rising star, Omah Lay, has become a viral sound on TikTok.

Users are encouraged to engage in slow-mo dancing at various times as the song plays out while maintaining a modicum of believability. The song was used in over 5,000 videos in the first seven days of the challenge launching and has since gone on to get over 3M views.

Also, inspired by Ariana Grande’s song “Pov,” the #AllofMyPretty challenge is a celebration of all sides of people as well as the hidden or private moments that don’t always make it out to the open.

It’s cool and inspirational allowing users to follow the lyrics in the song and use the green screen effect to show those intimate moments as much as they can. This challenge got over 3,000 creations on its first day and over 1.3M views in a week. It has since crossed 79M views

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