President Muhammadu Buhari addressing the abducted students in Katsina, December 18th, 2020. PHOTO Bayo Omoboriowo

***we’re used to sound of gunshots while in school

***fear God, bring perpetrators to book – Buhari tells top security officers

By Bashir Bello – Katsina

Abdulmajid Umar, a Junior Secondary School, JSS 2 student of Government Science Secondary School, Kankara and among the 344 students freed last night have called for the relocation of the school from the current location saying it is prone to attack.

Umar, said based on the current location of the school which resulted in their abduction, himself and his friend have made up their minds not to return to the school.

The student stated this in an interview with newsmen upon their release by their abductors.

According to him, “We finished the prep, we went back to the house. We are used to gunshot sounds from vigilantes. So we thought it was from them.

“We were not scared by the two gunshot sound. From there we heard the first gunshot in the school. That was when we head to the fence and attempted to run.

“Some of the Fulani beamed their torchlight on us and asked us to return. At that time, we thought it was the vigilante who came to our rescue us.

“Then some of us came back while others scale through the fence and run. It was those of us that came back that were assembled and matched out through the gate.

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“At that point, we thought they will send us into the town and so we were relaxed only for them to matched us into the forest.”

We trekked for days on foot

Asked if they were conveyed in vehicle or motorcycle into the forest, Umar said, “we trekked all through the night till dawn. We stopped and continued with the journey. We got a point where we passed the night.

“We continued the following day and all through on foot.

“They were following us closely, beat us and threatened to kill whoever attempted to escape.”

“My colleagues told me some students were killed but I didn’t see any.

“Honestly, I didn’t see any student killed but some of our colleagues told me there were some that were killed in the forest.”

When asked if he will return to the school after the attack, Umar said, “it will be difficult for me to go back to the school. A lot of us are thinking of not going back to the school for fear of unknown.

“There are those thinking of schools close to the place but not the same school.

“The school is located on the outskirts. If there is a possibility it should be relocated to a nearby place inside the town with people around,” the freed student however said.

Fear God, bring perpetrators to book – Buhari tells top security officers

Addressing the freed students, President Muhammadu Buhari told the top security officers to do the needful and fear God in the discharge of their duties by bringing to book the perpetrators of the attacks.

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According to him, “I hope the top security officers both the infantry, Naval, Airforce, Police Force and other paramilitary forces would do the needful and do their job.

“Discharge their duties with the fear of God and bring culprits to book. Because it is their duty whether they accept it or not, God would hold them accountable,”

Buhari urged the should not let the experience deter them from forging ahead and pursue their academic pursuits.

Earlier while receiving the students from the Commandant, 17th Brigade, Nigerian Army, Brig.-Gen. WB Idris, who led the security rescue mission, Governor Aminu Bello Masari said security is the responsibility of all and everyone must play it parts well to end insecurity and related challenges in the country.

“The entire state or country is one body. If any part of the body is sick, the whole body is sick.

“Security should not be left to government and security agencies alone. What happened in Kankara affected many in all parts of the state.

“This is because, there is no local government area that does not have a family or relation, whose son was abducted in the school.

“Even if you cannot do anything, you can pray for the state and country so that the security situation would come to an end, and for us all to have lasting peace.

“For the students, this is part of your history and part of your journey through life. I’m sure this’ll permanently be embedded in your minds. Some of the things that took place you’ll only remember them later in life,” Masari said.

On his part, the Commandant, Brigadier General Idris said the release of the students was as a result of combine effort of security operatives and the state government.

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