December 5, 2020

Only God can remove Service Chiefs, ensure security— Kaduna CPFN/PFN


President Muhammadu Buhari

President Muhammadu Buhari

By Ibrahim HassanWuyo

Bishop of The Apostolic Church, Abeokuta Street, Kaduna, Bishop Tinuoye Ademola of Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria(PFN), has said only God can remove the nation’s service chiefs from office and take care of insecurity in the country.

He spoke during the induction service of the newly-elected officers of the Christians Pentecostal Fellowship of Nigeria(CPFN), saying whatever is happening to the nation was long foreseen by God, and as such the call for removal of the Service Chiefs is of no effect because only God can remove them at a time He so wishes.

Bishop Tinuoye Ademola, the General Overseer, Seed of God Ministry, said prayers are important because “no one can give peace except God. God is going to intervene in the matter of Nigeria sooner than later.

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“In Christendom, we have own structure. I belong to PFN, so whatever PFN is saying on the state of the nation is what I am saying.

“No leader will like his house to be in disarray or to be divided. And I am saying what my leader has said because to us, President Buhari is doing his best, and he will not like to leave his country in crisis, so by 2023 there will be peace in Nigeria.

“No one can give peace except God. God is going to intervene in the matter of Nigeria. Our duty as Christians is to pray for the President and we have been doing it.”

The former CPFN Chairman, Kaduna State, Reverend James Olatunbosun, said: “We cannot but continue to appreciate God for the insecurity and all other things in the country because nothing happens that God has not foreseen.

“Whether in individual or the nation’s life, whatever happens, God has already foreseen it. We should continue to pray and engage in dialogue for positive results.

“We should also stay away from hate speech because hate speech contributes to insecurity. I don’t think any leader, at whatever level, would like to have his house divided.

“I think both the Kaduna State and Federal Government are willing and doing their best to finding solutions to insecurity.

“There is always time for everything, but some Nigerians are saying that the Service Chiefs should go.

“We should realise that without God being behind their stay, nobody can remove them. They remain in those positions according to the Will of God, not human being’s will.

“If God’s time comes they will go.”

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Reverend Olatunbosun added: “There is no church in Nigeria that did not suffer the negative effects of COVID-19.

“Many people were affected economically and it, therefore, reduced their contributions to socio-economic activities both inside and outside the church.”

The newly-elected Kaduna State CPFN Chairman, Apostle Sasetu Sark, appreciated God for “bringing me to this leadership position to serve the church and the people.

“By the grace of God, I have taken the leadership challenge to do the Will of God. However, I appeal to members of my executive council to cooperate with me to make it easier for me to carry everybody along in this new endeavour.”

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