December 11, 2020

OGB Copiers will give Nigerians best branding, printing machine – CEO

OGB Copiers will give Nigerians best branding, printing machine – CEO

As the year runs out with barely a week to 2021, Ogbuonye Echezona Somtochukwu the brain behind OGB Copiers; a company that supplies printing equipment such as copiers, branding equipment (such as heat press), plotters, laminating machines, banner printing machines and embroidery machines, has disclosed the plans in the pipeline for the company in the new year.

Speaking at an end-of-year business exhibition held in Lagos’ Computer Village, Ikeja, Ogbuonye avowed that the ultimate objective for the company “is to continue to be the best printing equipment supplier in Nigeria.”

Said he: “We want to make sure that whenever people think about printing equipment, they will always have a company’s name in mind, and that should be OGB Copiers.”

Continuing, he said: “We also want to create more locations for our company so that we can reach the grassroots. Just as well, we want to have a good reputation online.”

The OGB Copiers CEO, who noted that the printing sector in Nigeria is plagued by fake machines and printing accessories, gave assurances to the participants: “I want a situation whereby a printing company can be able to know the right products to get for a particular branding and they can rest assured that they are getting the right machines.”

He further stated: “A lot of printing machines are in use in different countries that are not available in Nigeria and therefore impose a limitation on the type of branding people can do. But OGB Copiers will remove those limitations in the printing sector of our country.”

Complaints about the bad end-result of branding, “especially the print-out not being clear” are because of the poor and fake printing consumables used by the branding company, he said.
“It is for this reason we are trying to make OGB Copiers a place whereby people trust the consumables they get,” he stated.