December 7, 2020

Nigerians to pay $160 US visa application fee under new reciprocity rules – FG

Nigerians to pay $160 US visa application fee under new reciprocity rules – FG



By Victoria Ojeme

The Federal Government says the new reciprocity visa regime with the US government does not exclude Nigerians from paying visa application fees.

Ferdinand Nwonye, Spokesperson of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja said the “Ministry wishes to clarify that the removal of the visa reciprocity fees does not imply that Nigerians applying for United States visa would not pay visa fees.

“In essence, the United States Government had increased its visa fees for Nigerians from $160 to roughly $270 to match what the Nigerian Government charged Americans for visas. The Nigerian Government then brought its fees down to $160 and the American Government has now reciprocated by bringing its fees to the same level of $160, ” the spokesperson said.

The United States had announced a reduction in the fee paid by Nigerian citizens to obtain a visa after the removal of reciprocity fees for Nigerians.

“The U.S. Mission to Nigeria is pleased to announce the elimination of visa reciprocity fees, effective immediately. We thank @GovNigeria for its partnership in eliminating these reciprocity fees,” the U.S. Mission to Nigeria tweeted.

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“Visa application fees remain at $160,” it added. The fee, also known as the visa issuance fee, is charged in addition to the nonimmigrant visa application fee.

The US government had imposed the reciprocity fee in August last year after Nigeria failed to change its fee structure for US citizen visa applicants despite engagements on the same since early 2018.

However, shortly after that action, Nigeria lowered the fee paid by US citizens to obtain a visa in line with the government’s reciprocity policy following a recommendation by a committee.

The Nigerian government now required American citizens to pay $160 (currently just over 60,000 Nigerian Naira) down from $180 (about 68,500 Nigerian Naira).

Nigeria’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs described the announcement as a “positive development”, adding that the removal of the fee came into effect from December 3.