December 20, 2020

Nigerian entertainment industry still struggling to adopt working digital process – Stephen Chibuzor

Nigerian entertainment industry still struggling to adopt working digital process – Stephen Chibuzor

Entertainment Executive, A&R, Branding and PR Consultant, Stephen Chibuzor, better known as ‘Papi Wemba’ has decried the adverse effect the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic has exerted on the Nigerian entertainment industry.

According to Papi Wemba, shortly after the outbreak of the global pandemic, entertainment industries in many countries found a way to adapt to the challenges the pandemic created for the industry.

Speaking on how the Nigerian entertainment industry has fared so far since the COVID-19 outbreak, he said; “The entertainment industry globally is naturally built around fans. Fan activities and their engagement with content rolled out by entertainers keeps the industry going. Whilst entertainment industries abroad quickly adapted to the digital design of fan interaction and engagement, Nigeria is still struggling to adopt a working digital process.”

He added; “Though the timely invent of Triller, Audio Mack and tiktok has great helped entertainers and content creators push out content, Nigerians are still getting use to streaming and buying digital content which is how creators all over the world are surviving. But we will definitely get there.”

In his opinion, so far, the entertainment sector has suffered more than any other sector in the country.

He said; “It probably suffered the most. From bans on Concerts, Cinemas and other social gatherings to the constraints of digital sales, I will say the Nigeria entertainment has suffered a great deal.”

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Speaking further, he noted that though the pandemic has been draining, some entertainers found a way to make the best out of it.

“Some creators made the most of it, while others are either still getting their heads wrapped around the new normal or actually trying out new tricks to beat the constraints the pandemic brought with it.”

He noted that the industry may never recover anytime soon from the pangs of the pandemic.

“I don’t believe that the world would return 100% to the old form of doing to things. New methods and strategies are already been used to achieve desired results. I always encourage entertainers that I consult for to embrace the new normal and open their minds to a different approach to achieving results.”

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