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MEDICAL TREATMENT ABROAD: ‘I saw many Nigerians in US and UK dying’

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•Dr William Egbuma

Dr William Egbuma, Healing Disciple of God and Knight of the Holy Grail, argues that deplicating high techology hospitals abroad in Nigeria will “rather cost much more in money and lives”.

Someone had suggested in Vanguard Newspapers recently that the answer to medical tourism which benefits only the political class and very rich individuals and depletes forex is to duplicate the high technology hospitals abroad in Nigeria.

He argued that this will save money and a lot of trouble.

From my personal knowledge and experience it will rather cost much more in money and lives.

Eight years ago I visited UK and US where my five children live and work.

My children took me to the various towns to meet their Nigerian friends.

Many of them were harboring their parents and relations from home, visiting for medical treatment.

What an eyesore! Many of them were bedridden for the rest of their lives. Surgery was resorted to when drug therapy failed.

Some had naso-gastric tubes; others were connected to oxygen cylinders, many others had chest and abdominal catheters or anal catheters. A

Another common factor was that the skin incision wounds do not heal.

Reason: Most medical illnesses are started or caused by infections.   Treatment overseas are directed on their own proven infections which are different from those relevant in Nigeria, home and abroad.

The doctor starts treatment with the relevant antibiotics; then adds “healing” drugs to help the damaged organ to recover it’s form and function.

These are herbal drugs shown from above for each particular organ!

Even kidney failure already undergoing dialysis recovers fully within two to three weeks. I also discovered dialysis worsens the kidney function.

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I have many records including a fellow doctor I treated free!

Another remarkable case is a 26-year-old young man whose parents had collected donations amounting to 12 million naira for surgery abroad. I stopped the dialysis and he recovered within 2 weeks.

The parents offered me half the money which I declined. I was guided spiritually about eight years ago to recognize this difference after due research and investigations. I closed down my clinic and with my team went round the whole country from Abuja, Lagos, all state capitals, minister and commissioners of health, FMCs (Federal Medical Centres) and Aso Rock Clinic. President Yar’Adua had just passed on after his own surgery! While President Buhari denied me audience, state governors welcomed me.

In a personal letter, I made a humble appeal to the President against going on medical tourism every few months as I could treat him!

All my letters to these various authorities and their responses that they will get back to me are still in my possession.

Till today none of them has got back to me except foreign ones – WHO (World Health Organization) and the BMJ (British Medical Journal).

WHO soon set up medical laboratories in Lagos and Abuja to confirm my discovery of false negative results in the relevant laboratory tests in Nigeria.

I also published a booklet ‘WHAT IS KILLING NIGERIANS’ showing the high intrauterine deaths, high perinatal mortalities, catastrophic 50% death of children up to five years of age and the very low (lowest in the world) life expectancy of 50 years.

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