December 16, 2020

Last-mile services: Dellyman targets 200,000 same-day deliveries

Last-mile services: Dellyman targets 200,000 same-day deliveries

By Juliet Umeh

Logistics marketplace, Dellyman, has said it is targeting to reach between 150,000 to 200,000 daily deliveries in the next five years.

The company says massive same day delivery is the only way to confront the challenges in the last mile logistics industry.

Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer, Dellyman, Mr. Dare Ojo-Bello said the issue of last mile delivery has been one every logistic business finds difficult to tackle and therefore, getting a sustainable strategy to overcome it can never be a mean feat.

He said: “What we have set out to do is to confront the challenges in the last mile logistics industry head-on by guaranteeing same-day delivery for anyone wishing to move packages in Nigeria and across the African continent.

‘’Our target and growth is to reach 50,000 to 80,000 deliveries in 18 – 36 months and 10,000 – 30,000 deliveries per day within the next 12 months.’’

He noted that the industry has not given the kind of assurances that the customers need to be able to totally trust last mile providers, because there are either no consumer protection regulations or  they are not well enforced.

According to him, “ The first problem we discovered in this business is the lack of trust between users and service providers. But today, Dellyman platform provides full verification, for safety and quality service. We are able to share information with customers about our partnering companies’ abilities and capacity to deliver quality and prompt services.

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“The Dellyman platform ensures the entire process of pickup and delivery is transparent with complete traceability. In a sense, a customer is able to see the entire delivery journey from sender to receiver of the package.

“Our technology solution allows the delivery companies both their drivers/riders to interact with each delivery order as well as the sender and receiver of the package from pickup to delivery.”

He further explained that “the Dellyman aggregation model also seeks to address the issue of capacity. By aggregating logistics assets into a single marketplace, we can better guarantee availability of assets to customers seeking delivery of packages on our platform”.

“When customers initiate a delivery order, we match them first with delivery companies with assets closest to the pickup location to reduce pickup time.

Additionally, we provide data such as number of completed deliveries, distance of the closest rider or driver to pick up to serve as social proof.

“Today customers bargain delivery prices with service providers. With the proliferation of logistics companies in a market with no barrier to entry and poor regulation, this sometimes can be to the disadvantage of the customers.

“Using the Dellyman platform integrated with eCommerce, orders placed by customers trigger a pickup from vendor directly to the customer. The Dellyman platform immediately locates logistics providers closest to vendor location to reduce pickup time. Needless to say, the pooled assets on the platform ensures we find service providers at all times so that same day delivery is guaranteed.

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