When Ivan Tapia was growing up in Tijuana, Mexico, he had a dream of becoming a professional baseball player. He was good and, soon, his talent invited offers from American universities.

“When I was 18 I received temporary visa to start studying in Southwestern College in San Diego California, which for me was an amazing opportunity to play baseball in the USA,” he says. “But that summer I got hurt from my shoulder very bad and I could never get my potential back before I had the injury.”

Reeling from the disappointment of that injury, Ivan threw his focus into his education and concentrated on graduating as an engineer. Upon graduating in 2007, he took a job with a small firm, but the realities of the 2008 financial crisis meant that he was soon out of a job.

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“I was naive enough to not know what was happening in the US as the economy was going down I wasn’t getting enough work,” Ivan explains. “In December of 2008 my bosses decided to let me go, I still remember it was December 15, 2008, a Monday, and I had our first anniversary party planned with my wife that next weekend, but now I got fired. And I couldn’t stop crying in the parking lot of that small firm.”

Losing that job started a tough period in Ivan’s life where he lost his home, sold his car, and had to move back in with his parents. During that period he started to work on multi-level marketing schemes. Soon after, he got a job again but his hunger for MLMs had been ignited.

“In January 2011, after working for 6 months, even though my debt was still around $70,000 combined, I made a decision to really keep doing MLM,” he explains. “I did a couple of changes, and still working full time on my job, and part time on my dreams (around 20-30 hours per week), finally on September 2011 I made my first $1,000 in MLM.

“Two months after it was around $3,000, two months after it was $6,000 a month, and three months after it was around $20,000 a month. On July 13th 2012 I quit my job and since then I haven’t worked for somebody else. In October I made my first +$50,000 per month, and in 2013 I made my first +$100,000 per month. That year was my first year I earned over 1 million dollars, achieving it while I was 30 years of age, becoming a millionaire before the age of 30.”


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