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…Says North at mercy of bandits, rapists, others

By Victor Arjihromanus

Following the alarming insecurity in northern Nigeria, the Coalition of Northern Groups, CNG,  has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to heed the counsel of genuine statesmen instead of relying on those it called  close-knit circle of family, friends and psychopaths.

They lamented that the North “has been abandoned at the mercy of a murderous insurgency, rampaging banditry, dare devil kidnappers and marauding rapists.”

These were contained in a letter to the President presented to Katsina State governor, Aminu Masari, when students of Government Science Secondary School, Kankara, were abducted.

According to the letter signed by BoT Chairman of CNG, Nastura Ashir Shariff, sighted by Vanguard, CNG said the millions of young people who followed the President with faith that his leadership will address their hopes and aspirations, have lost confidence in his ability or willingness.

The letter reads:”It is worth recalling here that in 2015, Nigerian voters trusted you to lead our nation through and out of its limitations, into a future in which we will live secure lives and pursue livelihoods in a united Nigeria whose resources will be protected by leaders.

The North in particular, voted you massively hoping for the possibility that we could look to a future without Boko Haram; that our young will get good education, acquire skills and get jobs; that corruption will be arrested, contained and eliminated.

Unfortunately, five years afterwards, we regret to say that we celebrated what we presumed to be an end of poor governance and to leadership that run away from threats, much too early.

“Whereas the foundations of a nation are rooted in the perceptions of citizens that its leaders can address at least their minimal needs which are security, for us in the North today, policing lives and livelihoods of communities is now a major problem.

We make bold to remind Your Excellency that with security, we can feed  ourselves and feed the rest of Nigeria, but when, as is the case today, threats to lives limit productive capacities, people are killed and kidnapped, herds are stolen or limited by hostile and damaging political interests, cost of living generally become prohibitive, the entire Northern viability suffers.

The prevailing scenario in the North today is such that the general population feel genuinely betrayed and abandoned at the mercy of a murderous insurgency, rampaging banditry, dare devil kidnappers and marauding rapists with no sign of political will and capacity by your government to challenge them.

This informs the audacity with which school children of Kankara Science Secondary School in Katsina were abducted in hundreds right under your nose.

Heightening the concerns that top administration officials drive pecuniary interests in the general and pervasive insecurity that has been going on ceaselessly across the country especially all over the North.

This is confirmed by the trend of mobilizing and arming non-state actors against any attempt to find solutions to the deadly security situation as happened to the Security Review Meeting planned by the CNG in Kaduna recently.

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While we respectfully remind you of your primary responsibility for the protection of citizen’s lives, we regret to note however, that the current structure of the national security is not in any way serving that purpose.

At this point, we wish to call your attention to the reality that the millions of young people who followed your campaign trails, pledging to you their unquestioning support and loyalty with full faith that your leadership will address their hopes and aspirations, have today lost confidence in your ability or willingness.

Northerners today wonder how it has become possible to  quickly forget the picture of hundreds of thousands who turned up in Maiduguri defying the threats of bombs and bullets, to register their faith and support for you; to forget adolescents and children who defied parents and security agents to catch a glimpse of a Buhari they had been brought up to believe had the solution to Nigeria’s problems.

We conclude by reminding you that every leader shall ultimately be called by posterity to account for the manner he discharged the responsibility and trust saddled on him.

In this regard we call your attention to the general feeling that neither you nor any official of your government is particularly having the slightest concern over the theft of the Katsina children and it will take much more than talking from the confines of the Villa to reclaim that lost public confidence.

It is our hope that Your Excellency would begin to give listening ear more to the public and heed counsel from genuine statesmen and not concentrating attention to a handful of aides and close-knit circle of family, friends and psychopaths.

Meanwhile Sir, we restate here that our willingness and commitment to sustain the struggle for a peaceful Northern Nigeria in the context of a nation that operates unencumbered by problems it should not live under will be sustained even in the face of severe challenges.”

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