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The Isoko Renaissance Group has called on the Delta State Governor, Sen Ifeanyi Okowa to wade into the Isoko North LGA politics, adding that he should allow young competent people into the helm of affairs of the local Council.

In an open letter to the Delta State Governor, signed by the group Secretary-General, Aghogho Oletu, the group also called on the Governor to check the excesses of some persons at the Local Government.

The communique read “Recall that during the town hall meeting with youths of Delta state being an aftermath of the #ENDSARS protest at the government annex Warri, it was mentioned by a speaker that he could not, in good conscience, refer to you as the “road master” given the litany of bad roads and/or poorly executed roads spread across the state.

“He also mentioned that the protest was a vestige of broken and uninspiring leadership from the Federal through the State to the Local government level.

“You addressed the issues and reeled your plans for improving the road network and addressing the flooding situation in Warri and across the state. You also assured that under your watch, you’d ensure that the process of selecting your party flag bearers in the forthcoming local council polls would be such that prioritized equity, competence, fairness and justice.

“I must admit, however, that your penchant for recruiting and grooming young people, typified by the number of sensitive positions you’ve trusted with youths across the state cannot be denied. On this subject, you are deserving of a big kudos.

“However, the time to walk the talk of allowing young competent people into the helm of affairs of Local Council is now, especially in Isoko north.

“First, as you are very much aware, there is an unwritten grouping of the clans in Isoko north into two lots, such that at any point in time, the political offices of Council Chairman and House of Assembly seats are zoned to either side of the divide respectively.

“For selfish reasons, some persons have consistently waved off the chairmanship position to the other end so they could perpetuate themselves in power.

“The scheme being that, so long as the Chairmanship is out of their lot, they can snatch the House of Assembly seat.

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“Thus, every elective position of note in Isoko north has oscillated between Ozoro and Oweh clans in the past eighteen years till date, also the Local government PDP Party chairmanship has been in Oweh clan since 1999 till date. This is the path they intend to continue with beyond 2023 judging by their plans to shove their preferred candidate on us.

“To them, the demands of the #ENDSARS protest which included a level playing ground for youths in politics was just a mere youthful shenanigan which is undeserving of any consideration. The recycling and perpetuating of themselves in power, while the youths queue behind them should continue as both the old and new normal.

“Sadly, this will not go unquestioned this time. Isoko north does not belong to a selected group of people alone. It belongs to us all. Whatever decision they take in this regard will amount to nullity

“Your Excellency, it is rumoured that you have already endorsed their unholy move to shortchange Emevor, and Iyede, who make up the lot from which he hails from. We therefore humbly implore your Excellency to reconsider and outrightly discard this stance as it can only produce chaos which will not augur well for our party.

“Currently, Iyede has shown strong interest in the chairmanship position. We find absolutely no reason, whatsoever and howsoever, why Iyede should be denied the chairmanship ticket of the party when they have and delivered the third highest votes in the last gubernatorial poll which brought about your reelection.

Also, they made the highest financial contributions in support of the party in the 2019 general elections and have continued to support your government and the party.

On a final note, I am unsure what deception has been brought to your table, but be it known to you, sir that it is incumbent on you to stop this macabre dance. It has no future, but a predetermined fatal end.

While keeping faith with your disposition towards fairness, justice and equity, accept the assurances of our highest regards” the statement read.

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