December 2, 2020

Fredrick John set to release new single, ‘Alessa’

Popular Mexican musician, Fredrick John, a.k.a Rainfredrick is ready to embark on a new chapter as he officially announced his new single ‘Alessa.

The song, Alessa, featuring Monalisa Stephen is a long awaited song.

According to Fredrick, Alessa is the name of his Ex. He started writing the song when they were still together but after their breakup he still went ahead with the lyrics since his fans were already awaiting the song.

The Mexican rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer is bent on making his fans happy and didn’t want to bring his personal feelings into his  music career.

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Consequently, he is set to release the mind blowing song, ‘Alessa, a song hand-crafted for this social media age.

Talking about his kind of music, he said he had always loved good sounds, and music for him is a way of life as it seems just so easy telling his lie experience in his lyrics.

The Spanglish singer is however open to any type of music like pop, hip hop, Latin pop, RnB, reggaeton, etc.