December 15, 2020

Fmzone launches back into music career with ‘Better’

Fmzone launches back into music career with ‘Better’

Ebelamu oluwafemi adekunle, popularly known on the microphone as Fmzone can be described as a prodigal singer who has found his way back into music.

He is one of the many Nigerian talents that had the privilege of discovering their gift in music early but just like opportunities to excel eludes young dreams in this part of the world, he had to give it all up when there is no financial support.

To Fmzone, coming back into music has been a roller coaster ride which he dedicates the bitter sweet experiences to God and chance.

“I discovered myself and my singing talent from the choir. I used to be back up singer for a brother who is into juju music back then. I started singing and composing songs from my secondary schools. I chased the dream. God knows I did chase that dream to be heard to some extent but there was no financial back up. And no one is ready to help, so I said to myself, man you have to hustle for money first. I faced finishing my studies.

So, the journey was from a humble beginning, not smooth at all. Along the line I got a good job with the help of God and my best friend Seun Oyeleke and grace found me. So I hit back at the studio, now I am fully into music,” he said.

Presently pushing for his first single, titled ‘Better’, Femi as he is fondly called by close friends and family said that the song was inspired by all his experiences while trying to grow mentally and financially for that music career ahead.

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“I did the song ‘Better’ because I believe I am better. I came out strong from all my challenges.

I remember working at a Hotel where the manager bully the staff a lot and most of the staff were illiterates and could not or have no idea how to defend themselves. I was more like the only learned person among them, so I refused to be pushed around. It got me demoted and my salary cut. It was tough because I had to trek from Ikeja to Agege after closing hours.

I lost a lot of weight. Looking more like a Bonga fish. Its funny now but it was not funny back then. I look at myself now and say, if I could survive it all and I am here, back to fight for my passion, then anybody can. This is the inspiration for the song, and I hope it inspires other young people out there hoping and praying to be heard one day,” he said

So far, ‘Better’ is being played on City FM and Brilla FM radio and the singer is excited about the future.

Fmzone is a real Lagos born and bred who hails from Ado-Odo, Ota, Ogun State.

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