December 13, 2020

Billionaire Realtors’ Group celebrates 4th anniversary with vision, goals confab

Realtor celebrates 4th anniversary with vision, goals confab

Billionaire Realtors’ Group partners at the event.

Billionaire Realtors’ Group partners at the event.

Leading real estate brokerage firm, Billionaire Realtors’ Group (BRG), has marked its fourth anniversary with an event tagged “Vision Board and Goal Setting Conference, which had over 500 participants celebrating the firm’s success.

Speakers at the event were Padebi Ojomo, Praise Fowowe and Niyi Adesanya, who was represented by Haruna Francis.

They dwelt on values, attitudes and habits that will make real estate consultants thrive and succeed in the coming year, and also impacted practical skills to the attendees.

The high point of the conference was giving to top-performing BRG executives gifts. There was also a reiteration of the company’s vision and mission, the reason they created the company, and why realtors should work with structured organisation.

Speaking, Tony Kolawole, President of BRG, said: “Our developers, partners, investors and realtors in our network are the reasons that we have sustained a lively operation in the heart of the country.

“We work with many professionals and suppliers and would like to extend our gratitude to them for their ongoing support over the years. We are looking forward to an amazing and highly rewarding 2021, as our theme for the New Year—Far & Beyond— says.”

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For Dr Olaide Okubena, one of the top realtors with BRG: “As a real estate consultant, the wealth of knowledge this platform provides has helped me to catapult my sales and improve personally as an individual.”

Padebi Ojomo, one of the speakers, commended the BRG for continuously investing in training their teams.

“As one of the speakers today,” he added, “I am pleased by the structure of the organisation and their great achievements so far.”

Billionaire Realtors Group is a network of Africa’s leading independent real estate marketers specialised in solving the sales problem of real estate developers.

Starting in 2016, BRG was created to protect the interest of realtors in a structured and organised framework.

The company leverages the power of relationship marketing to enhance the sales process. With over 40,000 realtors in its network, BRG has developed capacity as Africa’s number one real estate brokerage firm.

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