November 20, 2020

What Nigerians don’t know about body enhancers – Isioma

What Nigerians don’t know about body enhancers – Isioma

Beauty Expert and Body Enhancer Specialist, Nwokolo isioma Tracy, has stated that, the use of enhancers is now a norm in Nigeria.

Isioma was quoted on her social media page, @persian_couturee1, where she said, people no longer feel uneasy about enhancements.

Before now, people were afraid of getting body enhancements, due to the negative stories that are peddled about its effects.

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We do enhancers, like butt enlargement, breast, and hips, and give you a 100% guarantee on our jobs.

So far, over the years we have been involved, there have been no relapse cases from any of our clients.

The story of our company’s success, is tied to our deliverables. We won’t come this far to disappoint the thousands of people that believe in our productivity.

People are now comfortable coming out to get good body shapes, and the sexiness it brings, is second to none, she said.