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Election results sourced from DW; based on Associated Press data. All times in GMT/UTC

No vote recorded in Alaska

General Votes:

Donald Trump: 70,686,229 Votes (47.71%)

Joe Biden: 75,010,459 Votes (50.63%)

Electoral Votes

Donald Trump:

States won so far (Electoral Votes)

Idaho (4)

Montana (3)

Utah (6)

Wyoming (3)

North Dakota (3)

South Dakota (3)

Nebraska (3 for Trump, 2 unallocated)

Kansas (6)

Florida (29)

Oklahoma (7)

Iowa (6)

Missouri (10)

Arkansas (6)

Louisiana (8)

Mississippi (6)

Alabama (9)

Tennessee (11)

Kentucky (8)

Indiana (11)

Ohio (18)

West Virginia (5)

South Carolina (9)

Texas (38)

Joe Biden:

States won so far (Electoral Votes)

Washington (12)

Oregon (7)

California (55)

Colorado (9)

New Mexico (5)

Illinois (20)

Minnesota (10)

New York (29)

Vermont (3)

New Hampshire (4)

Massachusetts (11)

Connecticut (7)

Rhode Island (4)

New Jersey (14)

Delaware (3)

Maryland (10)

Virginia (13)

Hawaii (4)

Arizona (11)

Wisconsin (10)

19:21 Joe Biden has won the state of Wisconsin, with all vote-counting completed, according to the AP.

07:55 Joe Biden has won the crucial battleground of state of Arizona, giving him 11 electoral college votes, according to AP.

07:43 Polls have now closed across the United States, with the final polling stations now shut in the far northwestern state of Alaska. Ballots are still being counted, with the results in some states only expected to be announced later on Wednesday.

06:10 Texas has gone to Donald Trump despite previous hints of Biden’s growing support, according to the AP. This outcome gives Trump another 38 electoral votes.

05:38 Donald Trump has won the battleground state of Florida, scoring a crucial victory over challenger Joe Biden, AP reports. The loss of the southern state would have meant an almost certain loss for the incumbent. However, the Democratic candidate is still in the race, with his aides hoping for wins in other key states such as Michigan and Pennsylvania.

05:26 Donald Trump has also scored victories in Iowa and Montana, AP reports, with the two states giving him a total of nine electoral votes.

05:21 Donald Trump has also taken Ohio, another key battleground state which carries 18 electoral votes, according to the AP tally.

05:17 The northern US state of Minnesota has gone to Biden, according to the AP news agency. This would give Biden another 10 electoral votes.

05:10 Biden has won the US state of Hawaii, adding another four votes in the electoral college to his camp, AP reports.

04:51 Final results for Wisconsin and Pennsylvania are unlikely to be ready for several days, according to Reuters. The Secretary of State for the key battleground state of Michigan was doubtful that final unofficial results would be available before Wednesday night.

04:40 Progressive Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez held onto her New York district seat in the House of Representatives. The 31-year-old congresswoman was comfortably leading against Republican challenger John Cummings, according to incomplete results. Ocasio-Cortez is popular among the so-called progressives — liberal and mostly young voters — in the US, and a staunch supporter of the left-leaning senator Bernie Sanders.

04:10 Donald Trump has claimed Utah, securing support from another six electors, according to the AP.

04:03 Biden has also scored victories in California, Oregon, and the US state of Washington. In turn, Donald Trump has won Idaho, according to the AP tally.

03:58 Democratic candidate Joe Biden has now won New Hampshire with its four electoral votes, the AP reports.

Michigan’s attorney general, Dana Nessel, also warned of text messages being sent to voters in another part of the state on Monday. Nessel is known for cracking down on robocalls.
According to Reuters, the FBI and New York attorney general’s office are also opening investigations into robocalls in several battleground states that urged voters to stay home. It is unclear at this point who is responsible for these calls.

03:34 The conservative state of Missouri has gone to President Trump, giving him 10 electoral votes, according to the AP.

03:16 The Republicans have taken back the Alabama Senate seat from Doug Jones. Tommy Tuberville’s win may be enough to prevent the Democrats from clenching a majority in the Senate.

03:10 The foreign policy spokesman for the Angela Merkel’s ruling conservative party CDU/CSU, Jürgen Hardt, has expressed his support for a Joe Biden presidency, from a international diplomacy perspective.

“I think Joe Biden believes in multilateral approaches to every challenge we have with the world: climate security, economic cooperation. And I think this is the way of politics we as Germans and as Europeans want to go. [W]e don’t like this blaming of Germany, only to get votes in the US. This is populism, and therefore we appreciate [Biden’s different] approach.”

03:03 Kansas, with its six electoral votes, has gone to President Donald Trump, according to the AP tally. The agency also called South Dakota for Donald Trump, giving him three electoral votes.

03:02 Polls have just closed in Utah, Nevada, Montana and Utah. Iowa and Nevada are both considered possible swing states.

02:54 Julia Bryan, global chair of Democrats Abroad, spoke to DW about support for Republican presidential candidate from Americans living abroad, saying that “most Americans abroad do not support Donald Trump.

“We respect leadership that’s helping people and not just a small mafioso class of folk who Donald Trump is trying to go for.”

02:46 The US dollar clawed back early losses against risk-sensitive currencies as the US election results began streaming in.

Stocks powered higher on Wall Street as investors hoped for a clear result in the contentious election. Ambiguity in the outcome of the presidential contest creates further uncertainty for the markets, both in the US and elsewhere, as investors seek a clear winner in the race,

The end of a bruising campaign may help alleviate the increasing uncertainty of late, that’s sent markets spinning.

The S&P 500 rose 58.92 points, or 1.8%, to 3,369.16 for its second straight healthy advance. The Dow Jones Industrial Average increased 554.98, or 2.1%, while the Nasdaq composite climbed 1.9%.

02:45 Gloria Browne-Marshall, a civil rights attorney, author, and professor of constitutional law spoke to DW about Donald Trump and racism in the US.

She said Trump had stoked the flames of racism “in a country that started off in slavery, and started off with a genocide of Native Americans and Jim Crow segregation, into what we have now with George Floyd’s murder.”

02:40 Joe Biden has won Colorado. The central US state carries 9 electoral votes. Additionally, Democratic candidate for the US Senate, John Hickenlooper, defeated the incumbent Republican senator Cory Gardner, flipping the seat for the Democrats — an important victory as the opposition party hopes to secure control of the chamber.

02:38 Across the US, 40% of older Latinos said they voted for Trump, according to Edison Research Poll quoted by the Reuters new agency. In 2016, only 25% of the older Latino population said the same. The bump could prove crucial for Trump in Florida, where the two candidates wrestle for the sizable Latino vote.

02:32 Biden has won the three electoral votes from Washington D.C., according to AP.

02:15 Polls have now closed in over a dozen more states, including Arizona, Michigan and Wisconsin, all possible swing states.

02:07 President Trump has now won North Dakota, Nebraska, Louisiana and Wyoming, according to the AP. His rival Biden claimed New York and New Mexico.

01:57 Donald Trump has won Indiana with its 11 electoral votes, according to the tally by the AP news agency. Indiana is the home state of his vice president, Mike Pence.

01:53 The key battleground state of Florida remains too close to call, with the US broadcaster CBS putting Trump ahead at 50.5% percent of the vote and Biden trailing at 48.4%. Roughly 10% of the votes have yet to be counted. Florida carries 29 electoral votes, or more than 10% of what each of the candidates need to ensure a win. Pennsylvania, another key battleground state, carries 20 electoral votes.

01:50 Sarah McBride has become the first transgender Senator in US History, winning the State Senate Seat in Delaware. In 2016, McBride became the first openly transgender person to address a major party convention when she spoke at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.

01:32 Donald Trump has won the state of Arkansas, according to data published by the Associated Press.

01:28 Transgender Army Veteran Charlotte Clymer has told DW that Donald Trump had spent his tenure insulting military veterans.

“For Trump, ever since he launched his campaign in 2015, it has been year after year of nothing but insulting his opponents and ad hominem attacks. Insulting everyone, from military veterans who have served, to service members who have been killed in action, to ordinary Americans who are just trying to live and get by in a country that I think has forgotten about them under this government.”

01:19 Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has held his seat in Kentucky and so won a seventh term. The 78-year-old key ally for Trump is the longest-serving Republican leader in Senate history.

01:02 A flurry of states have been called by AP. Biden has won Rhode Island, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Maryland, Illinois, Delaware and Connecticut. Trump has won Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee and Oklahoma.

01:00 German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has told broadcaster ARD that, regardless of the outcome of the US election, he hopes the Transatlantic relationship between the two nations will be “put in order” again.

00:58 South Carolina has been called by AP for Donald Trump.

00:41 Joe Biden has secured Virginia, a state worth 13 electoral votes. The state has grown increasingly liberal over the past four years, according to AP.

00:39 Donald Trump has won West Virginia, a state that traditionally goes Republican, sealing the president five electoral votes in the race for the threshold of 270, AP has reported.

00:35 Most polls have closed in North Carolina, Ohio and West Virginia, however, the Board of Elections voted to keep four polling places in North Carolina open, with the longest open an extra 45 minutes, after delays during the day.

00:04 Trump has won Kentucky and Joe Biden has won Vermont, according to the Associated Press.

00:00 The first big round of closing of polling stations has occurred in the states of Virginia, Georgia, Vermont, Kentucky, Vermont, South Carolina and parts of Florida.

[Associated Press and DW]

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