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The Parable of Blamer! — Gbenro Olajuyigbe

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Expert laments Nigeria’s consumption economy, poverty
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Ask Ijapa, tortoise, the reason it has no hair on its head! It will tell you that it happened when it went to its Father-in Law’s house. It will not tell you that at its father-in –law’s house, it stole hot yam from a pot on the fire and hid it on its head covered with a cap. In the process, it did not only lose its hair to ferocious heat, it lost its capacity to live with truth to brain damage.

Ijapa, in Yoruba mythology, is ingeniously blessed with the capacity for churning out truth-like-lies! It’s a master of intrepid falsehood, a dribbler and a witty blamer of global mythological infamy. Ijapa tiroko oko Yanibo.

Yanibo was its wife. The only super animal that was strong enough to carry its house about. Ijapa robbed every other animal of their strength and fame. It stripped them of honour and dignity. Its strategy was deception. Its tactics were falsehood. It succeeded for a long time until it attempted to climb a tree like a monkey. The story of how his house, the shell at its back cracked after a calamitous fall is a story for another day! Nevertheless, one can still conclude that future neither belongs to deceivers or Blamers!

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Like the tortoise, if there is anything this government has a problem with, it is about the contrary opinions of the informed as well as the imperishability of truth. It is stuck with the deliberate perversion of facts and welcomes to the recruitment of loyal ignorant crowd who will help it crucify truth in order to abdicate responsibility. The obsolescence of its strategy and the non-repentance of the certainty of its blame tactics make prophesy of its failures easy to come to pass!

The government has spawn along its pathway strings of excuse that weakened capacity for the courage needed for success. It breeds odd people who lost in the sycophantic appraisal of its strategy and performance as the new ‘patriots’, thereby losing the privilege of integrating the support of loyalists with the bitter but candid opinions of the opposition. The government and its governance have been over- individualized to the extent that mere genuine critics of policies and programs are taken for attacks on the President, to the extent of tagging such as treasonable acts if not treated as an act of terror! no is mistaking Niger Delta for the Niger Republic. In the last few years, sycophancies have been substituted for patriotism. We are building a unipolar hydra-headed tyrant that equates the state. The Powerful mediocre who is fearful in ignorance; behemoth that bestrides our land with the appearance of a saint but unshakably committed to historical darkness of promoting nepotism and ethnic hegemony in order to dominate the destinies of other groups and people has made us more insecure and fragile. Today 487 Naira is equivalent of  $1.I remember when Nigerians of Yoruba extraction used to be extravagantly boastful that they can lavish 1000 Naira( barely $2 today) on Wedding. That was before the Babylonian Vampires arrived

With increasing insecurity, unbalance international trade, the worsening economic condition of people, just tell me one benefit of Border closure for 15 months? The lessons to learn is that the future of any economy and its civilization depends on open responsible cooperation and intelligent Border Management with neighbours. Offensive subtle threat and arrogant hostility to neighbours are ancient irritants that carry unnecessary risk in modern economic and security World that thrive on mutually beneficial alliance! Why would the country not remained poor when a President of a poor country that borrowed 5 million Naira from the bank before he could contest election now budgets 400 million for feeding but a rich country’s President that owns blue-chip companies pay for his own feeding, except for strictly State function! We must reassess the decisional competence of an Oil Producing State’s ruler who endorsed importation of fuel from poorer non- Producing neighbour.

This cross-stupidity does not only surrender instrument of our economic prosperity to a friendly foe, it also threatens our National dignity as a people! There is no worse way that leads to failure than blaming someone or something for your failure. Our economy has entered a recession. Stop blaming COVID-19. Some countries have turned it to advantage by producing a vaccine. Roll-off your sleeves and get on your thinking cap. Go to work! A minus ( -) 3.6 recessed economy that’s close to depression can no longer accommodate Tax Reliefs and  Exchange Rate concessions to the Dangote’s of this world. Also, with heightening and escalating insecurity, it can no longer sustain deadwood security chief s! To revolutionize recovery from the recession; renegotiate debt servicing, abolish all earnings no matter the nomenclature, not captured by Salaries and wages commission, Assess foreign Trips on a cost-benefit basis, review the budget and remove all unnecessary consumable items e.g vehicles from appropriation bill. Government officials, including the President, should feed on salaries, no banqueting except for profitable foreign visitors, close low impact embassies, initiate emergency bills to National Assembly that will remove Electricity power from an exclusive list in order to trigger state-level productivity as well as employment brackets. Trade crude oil in the batter for refined products, impose taxes on ostentatious goods, support the weak and stop borrowing indiscriminately. Just imagine using eighty-one billion Naira wasted within eight months on refineries that didn’t refine a drop of Oil for rejuvenation of Tertiary Education! Concentrate and face governance squally.

Government officials should be measured and responsible in responding to issues, especially externally. This de-markets the nation and with ripple effects on image, economy and credibility. An argument with CNN is unnecessary. Whether ‘blank’ or ‘filled’, there is no bullet that cannot kill; it depends on range, velocity and the pre-existing conditions of its target. Nigerians have problem with where to place the boundaries of hard truth and hate! Nobody needs hard truth today than Nigerian rulers. Rulers who do not appreciate the fantastic opportunities provided by their positions to change the narratives of a country that import what she produces and labour frantically to sustain structure that create the anomaly.

A nation with rulers who fail to appreciate the awesomeness of the opportunities provided by their positions but rather continue to relentlessly advance and moving the nation to a state of atrophy for selfish and parochial ends. They blame everyone and everybody except themselves for national failure, insecurity, poor economy and even their inability to focus on governance. Rulers without the agility of Diego Maradona and the streaks of his professional success but act the weak side of Maradona, who life offered a wide playfield but chose to plant the wild seed of self-destruction on it. Adieu Maradona, unlike our rulers, a no blamer!

Gbenro Olajuyigbe is the Executive Director, Emergency & Risk Alert Initiative

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