November 12, 2020

Swirge, the African Startup re-inventing the wheel in the blockchain space


Swirge is an African blockchain company, focused on building decentralized applications on the blockchain to solve issues plaguing the centralized systems.

Swirge has built a decentralized social media, marketplace, and payment platform on the blockchain that is focused on giving complete control of user account data and privacy back to the people. With Swirge platforms, No one can censor your data, and you are in total control to fully express yourself.

Swirge Platforms are now available on Google Playstore for Android and Apple App Store for iOS. All Swirge platforms are currently in the public beta testing phase, where all bugs are found and corrected by the community to aid with building a better Swirge for everyone.

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The world is changing and blockchain technology is the future it will completely change the financial system down to our health sectors.
Making each sector secure and more accessible to everyone.

Swirge is pioneering in the blockchain space for Africans, building technologies that change the status quo and its revolutionary.

Swirge platform of various features, which makes it stand out from its competition.
Swirge is an ecosystem that embodies decentralized social media, a decentralized financial system, and a marketplace built on the Binance Smart Chain. Swirge ecosystem is a user-centric platform that is built with users in mind. First, to protect the user’s data and information and give them total control over their data. secondly, to give users the power to create wealth by socializing and the opportunity to take charge of their finances. Swirge solutions offer a user-friendly social platform, built by the community for the community.

Swirge makes it possible for you to meet and interact with different people all over the globe. You can share your thoughts and ideas freely on swirge social. You can create and run your sites and blogs on swirge and also know about the happenings around you. Your chats are end-to-end encrypted as Swirge gives you assured privacy.

The swirge marketplace has made buying and selling very easy. You get to control and manage your sales from the platform and also keep track of your purchases, arrival dates, and shipping details. You can create customized stores with your unique features. Swirge has also made available an organized dashboard where you can withdraw and transfer your earnings directly to your bank account or any payment method of your choice.

Swirge is a unique platform as it is a completely decentralized system. It gives its users total control of their data and also protects the user’s data and information. With Swirge, your privacy is guaranteed. Swirge allows you to create wealth and run your finances. It composed a decentralized marketplace for secure and fast peer-to-peer buying and selling on the platform.

Swirge has made it possible for one to express his/herself anonymously without sharing your username, account data, or IP address to the blockchain. You can express yourself freely without disclosing your identity. With the Swirge crypto wallet, you can send, receive, and store cryptocurrencies. Swirge also grants quick loans and pays you for being active on the platform.
Swirge was built not to compete but to stand out with its amazing features.
Express yourself with Swirge.

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