US elections: 7% of republicans, democrats defected since 2018 – SurveyThe US election debacle will result in an increased agitation for  restructuring our own constitution to give justice to the smallest groups in our 400 groups)

By Prince Justice

The cacophony of what borders on Liberal tyranny is distracting to say the least. Unfortunately we Africans follow the mob rule on trending political matters.

Despite the emotional blackmail over Trumps legal challenges of the result, we must remember the Democrats never accepted Trumps victory in 2016, claiming Russia intervention, an issue that hunted him throughout his term. One wonders if Hilary was the incumbent whether she could have claimed national security reasons to not handover.

Trump also hounded Obama throughout his term claiming he was an illegal immigrant, camping the Tea Party on White house ground throughout Obamas tenure.

The point is that US democracy has always been a shit hole system that has never been able to make a moral decision without heating up the polity and threatening the use of force.

Right from the beginning of their constitution, in 1787 there was the immoral Three fifths compromise that regarded Africans as three fifths of a human and banning discussing the slavery issue for 20yrs to prevent instability, after which the ensuing political rancor led to 1860 Abraham Lincoln winning of the presidential election that led to Southern secession and Civil War, resulting in the right decision of freeing the slaves.

But the freedom was short-lived and only until the 1876 rigged Hayes presidential election in Florida resolved with another compromise of Black freedoms, which continued until 1960s Civil Rights Bill that led to political earthquakes that polarised the political parties, and a continuously compromised system whereby the Presidents always end up with antagonistic legislatures. A system whereby the amount of detained Blacks regarded as Democrats skyrockets every election year by police normally republican… Gerrymandering, special interests campaign finances and other electoral malpractices.

The US democracy from its inception has been a very imperfect unjust system whose cracks have always been covered up, by pacifying the citizenry with consumer excesses of its Ogun military industrial complex, and will eventually have to be made to face its institutional flaws for the nation to move to a higher level of political evolution.

The question is why is this unfolding 2020 Presidential election debacle important to we Africans?

First, it will help rudely awaken us from the dream that we can adopt the US democracy based on hypocrisy in a cultural diverse Nigeria, without our own African oriented improvements.

Second, after 60yrs it is time we revisit the choice between integration and segregation, globalization versus isolationism? Some believe that the Democrats integrationist model has economically, politically and culturally arrested Black development. It prevents Black unity and the actualization of an Original African civilization, as each tribe independently tries to align and integrate with the White civilization, thereby creating a divide and rule system that could be easily destabilized and derailed.

Though it might be said to help African American unity, unlike the Afrobrazillian model, It dissipates African Americans economic power as they prefer to do business with Whites instead of keeping the Black dollar within themselves, therefore robbing them of a Black owned productive  economic base.

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In Africa, the Democrats sabotages African economic independence through their network of Eurocentric Black political and military leaders that carry our corruption propaganda, coups and terrorist activities against African governments that allow other competition with their interests.

Not only did Trump not start a single new war in Africa, he wasn’t even able to successfully remove a mere president of AfDB unlike Democrats that topple governments like a row of ducks. The mention of Susan Rice brings back the memories of her instigating the 12 Northern governors against GEJ under Obama, and her alleged role in MKO Abiola demise. The Congolese have worse recollections.

Yes for the 19yrs in USA/UK I supported the left wing politics but on getting back to Nigeria, I had to be truthful with myself on whether I want other civilizations to have a free rein in Ondo State, like Blacks struggle to rise in every sector of the White civilizations. We won’t even welcome an Igbo of the same Original African civilization as governor of Ondo  State, not to talk of a Chinaman or Englishman.

In every Nigerian city we have Sabos and Sangos to segregate immigrants, as it appears that bona-fide White and Arabic civilizations are conservative about their cultural identities and mixing. It’s only Negroes that are culturally lost and enslaved that try to integrate themselves into other civilizations of their Abrahamic  colonial masters.

And this where the interests of the Black Diaspora clashes with those of Continental Africans. The Diaspora Chinese won’t expect Mainland China to grant the concessions for their acceptance in Western civilizations. And it helps both Chinese groups, as Asian Americans are known to self segregate in the West which gives them more group cohesion and progression than African Americans. The same applies to Jews and Indians level of group cohesion.

Where do Original African interests lie, with Republican or Democrats?  I say none from USA or any other predatory civilization outside our own Original African civilization.

My first prayer point for the 2020 election was for Trump to lose. The second prayer point was for him to refuse to leave power and shake the USA democratic system to its foundations. A clash between Whites that demand their right to be racist and the deculturized globalists, which will eventually lead to a just political structure in America.

In Nigeria, it is to provoke a systems rethink among we Nigerians that have always been under the illusion that the US democracy was a perfect system, and not a work in progress. The US election debacle  will result in an increased agitation for  restructuring our own constitution to give justice to the smallest groups in our 400 groups. The litmus test of true Justice in Nigeria will be how the system protects the minorities of Middlebelt and Delta, unlike USA that couldn’t devise a system of racial equity in 250 years of existence.

Also, a political impasse between the left and right wings will put a stop the hypocritical role of USA as the bastion of democracy and world’s policeman used to justify its militaristic humanitarianism.

A political impasse in USA for a decade will give us the breathing space to put our house in order without USA interference. That’s all I wish from the 2020 USA elections.



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