November 6, 2020

Kristen Dawodu to unleash Wahalanetwork in 2021

Kristen Dawodu to unleash Wahalanetwork in 2021

As 2020 gradually winds up and businesses are starting to gain back the momentum lost to the devastation of Covid-19, KD Record boss, Oluwagbenga Oluwafemi Dawodu, aka Kristen Dawodu, has finalised plans to unveil Wahalanetwork, a new business enterprise, in the new year.

“It is an entertainment platform that will be active on Instagram, and we have also registered the website,,” he confirmed during an Instagram chat with his followers.

Speaking further, Dawodu avowed: “I have spent months working on Wahalanetwork and I can assure you it is not going to be a clone of any existing entertainment platform. It is going to be unique in concept and in content.”

The platform, he further disclosed, will make available content in the form of texts, pictures and videos that are fresh and exclusive.

Explaining why he is concentrating his entrepreneurial efforts in the entertainment sector, Dawodu avowed that showbiz and related businesses are always good investment options.

“You can never have an off-season in an entertainment business. And more importantly, Nigerians love entertainment, no matter the circumstances they found themselves in. Besides, over time, entertainment has become my forte and I am enjoying working within the spectrum,” he articulated.

He also disclosed that Wahala network has other purposes aside from broadcasting entertainment content.

His words: “My future plan is to build up a massive audience and followership, first of all. While I am motivated to open this new platform to put smiles on people’s faces, my greater objective is to help active followers on the platform. Don’t forget that I’m also a philanthropist. Once it becomes active, I will be using the Wahalanetwork platform to give back to the people, especially those that are in need.”