November 29, 2020

I’m a good carpenter — Julian Interiors boss, Juliet Anorah

Mrs Juliet Chigozie Anorah

There’s a saying that what men can do, women can do as well. Though men are seen as stronger but so many women have come to show strong character and ability to thrive in male-dominated industries.

One of such amazing women who has been doing exceptionally well in male-dominated carpentry works and interior decoration is Mrs Juliet Chigozie Anorah. She’s the CEO of the furniture company popularly known as Julian Interiors.

She’s a wife, a mother and an entrepreneur whose Nigeria of her dreams is to see government give the youth an enabling environment to maximize their potential. Not minding how strange it sounded, this incredibly hardworking woman has proven she’s a good carpenter with a touch of luxury considering the furniture works on display in her showroom.

In a brief chat, she talked about her unique designs, surprises for her clients and palliative to be given as she prepares for her birthday which has been scheduled for 2nd December 2020.

Julian a graduate of Business Admin from Lagos State University was born in the north, grew up in the east and set up her business in the west to show that she has Nigerian blood flowing through her vein without the restriction of borders.

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When she started, it was like a dream but with the support from family and clients patronage, she has been able to establish one of the luxury interior and furniture stores in Lekki axis while supplying her top range interiors and furniture around the country. She’s now become a force to reckon with in the male-dominated luxury furniture making.

She was questioned about her rising profile despite the challenges and she said, “the challenges with providing luxury furniture are always about finding the right customers and most importantly the huge capital involved in running the business. Today’s world of social media has made it easier for us to find customers online and also with the help of our marketing team, we are making progress and above all being a good carpenter with unique products made by the best craft men in the industry has made it possible for me to stamp my name.”

Julian Interiors is of the opinion that, “gone are the days when furniture business was dominated by men and as you know now that there are so many female interior designers that have made names for themselves. So I would say women are taking over the business already.”

On her advice for the young people, she said, “never give up on your dreams and find something that you are passionate about even when it doesn’t work at first, never give up and surely you will succeed”

She talks more about her plans to distribute palliative for the less privileged during her birthday this week and give out the best price that you can’t get anywhere, shower surprise gifts to her numerous clients for trusting her products while unveiling her customized interiors and furniture 2020 collections.

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