November 30, 2020

Expect big December shows in Lagos, Abuja – Phat B

Expect big December shows in Lagos, Abuja – Phat B

UK-based showbiz impresario Adebayo Adekunle, aka Phat B, says he is already planning sellout events for summer of 2021.

“My team and I are working on Afrobeat Summer Fest, among a few other projects,” he announces.

The high-flying promoter further hinted: “I am planning a few homecoming events in Lagos and Abuja this December and the dates will soon be announced.”

Reviewing the disruptions caused by COVID-19 in 2020, Phat B weighs the showbiz gains and losses. “Because of lockdowns, many businesses were affected, with the events industry being one of the worst hits. There were such time when clubs and venues we locked or limited to unfavourable capacity for profitable events. But the good thing now is that it’s creating a big demand.”

Phat B, reminiscing about his odyssey as a UK-based showbiz promoter, recalls his days of humble beginning: “I have been organising events for as long as I can remember. While an undergraduate at the University of Lagos, I organised a lot of events between 1998 and 2004.”

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He continued: “So, right here in Nigeria before moving to the UK, I started building my brand. And over a decade now, the brand has been a household name.”

On how he became grounded in the promotion of showbiz in the UK, Phat B says: “After the success of my first afro concert with D’banj in 2012, I was able to follow up with a few others including Mavin Tour in 2014.”

Recalling the early challenges of his career, he says: “There are always challenges in showbiz promotion, the main one being financial risks. In the early stages, I have had to be ready for a loss because of the high overheads in booking international artists for club appearances, but pulling off sellout club appearances with big acts helped to stabilize and build up my reputation.”

Speaking with the benefit of experience, Phat B gives an insight into what makes promoting Nigerian music profitable in the UK.

“We saw how a lot of the big names on the scene today come from Nigerian background; we have also seen UK-raised Nigerians go back to make music in Nigeria and build their international audiences. And thanks to the internet, Nigerians are spreading their music across the world, pushing Afrobeats to dominate the commercial market. This makes them very bankable,” he posits.

Phat B, an alumnus of Greenwich School of Management and University of Wales Cardiff where he obtained a Master in Business Administration, further gave his perspective on what Nigerian musicians need to do to take centre stage of world music. “They need to continue to uphold our culture even when diversifying. That’s not to say we have one distinctive sound; Nigeria is culturally rich.  Also, the more collaboration with other musicians, the better, especially for promoters, when it comes to tours and concerts,” he affirms.