#ENDSARS protests: The Lekki shooting – a tragedy for attention of the leaderships (4)

This is the concluding part of the piece which, yesterday, reminisced on the bad taste that #ENDSARS protests evoke.

By Paul Amen Aifuwa

FOR a fact, those who suffered the irredeemable anguish and are enmeshed in the loss due to the aftermath of the vexed events, were some of whose generations or descendants, are probably, the carriers of the “seeds”, as the “artefacts”, for the continuous “laying” of the more rugged and formidable foundation for Nigeria – a cherishable feat, you would love not to hate, to come through!!!

Under the oath of conscience and sacred obligations, it bears repeating that such catastrophe should have been prevented before it ever happened; if due diligence and alertness of action were observed by those, on whose table, the “buck stops”, directly or indirectly.

Having voluntarily accepted the “onerous undertakings” from the onset – a situation that bears both the “prize” of the “crown” and its cognate “diadem”, in pari-passu with the attendant responsibilities. This is congruently, and aptly smacks of a saying that: “the missile sighted as descending from above, never ‘blinds’ a man who is foresighted.”

A clarion call that the earlier broadcast is revisited: With unremitting sincerity and utmost respect, therefore, one would solicit the permission to again, call on the assembly of those whose “heads wear the crowns”, with special reference to the topmost echelon of the nation’s authorities – as the nonpareil prime mover and father figure of the nation, who wouldn’t mind to preserve his self-enlightened interest, to sue that you do the very urgently “needful”; as the “first-thing-first”; in the dangling pendulum of this “exigency”; to consider an immediate revisit of the “earlier broadcast”, in which there would be opportunity to ‘suture’ all the “missing links” therein.

This should be for the love of the people and the country; to mop-up and douse the overwhelming yappings and the pervasively frightening resentments, which now ravage the land; so as to assuage the restiveness of the youth – who nevertheless are your “harem of children” under God; so as to enlist the leverage of a seamless atmosphere to continue in your good work; to steer and steady the nation on tracks; with the bequeath of unaffected love and enduring peace; along with which you would have your name cemented and etched and inscribed, with grace and dignity, “on the sound of time”, with a banner without stain. Above all, that you may give breath and animation to the stanzas as: Arise O compatriots, Nigeria call obey, To serve our fatherland, With love and strength and faith.

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Every moment counts in the affairs of men under the heavens: This, again, is with a view for the opportunity to manifest, for the unusually sadly and sobering epoch of the Black Tuesday Events, a further discernible and judicious appraisals: in ways to be seen as not leaving things in precarious abeyance; in a showing of unequivocable solemnity of solidarity with the irate “youths”; with a choice of words which compel and resonate in endearments; with a softening fatherly tone to dampen and calm their pulsating temperaments; having to employ words that do not obfuscate neither impose a taint of hocus-pocus; between trusts and hopes; banking on the same words, to saliently (even if with obscure political diplomacy) meander between what are perhaps, the “promised” and what are explanatorily, believably implementables; in no distant future; at least, that you may be “adjudged” as saturate in sufficiency to have placated the “youth outrage”; in a manner that meets them even “half-way”, to the nearest best as are deemably plausible and possible.

By the token of such virtuous inclinations, you would have in truth, secured a nitch of exoneration from the most probable “frowns” (if there were any), of the inherently admissible “errors and omissions”, before the Lord of Host, who governs the breath and the oxygen of life, under whose every singular “moment” counts in the affairs of the mortals! Most critically and especially is this axiom certainly and loudly so, for the leaders of men!

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