According to Emiliano Guerrero, the key to getting a business’ success is getting the product in front of the right customers. As the co-founder of Scale Online, an eCommerce start-up bringing in seven-figures of revenue per year, Emiliano has learned important lessons along the way that he hopes to share with other aspiring business owners. “There are really four stages of any great business: Birth, Offense, Defense, and Death,” he claims.

“I would say that less than 95% of businesses even make it to the offense stage; Most businesses just follow the stages of birth and then death.”

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Emiliano began slowly, starting one small business at a time, with many failures along the way. “The hardest part of starting a business is getting off the ground and continuously growing,” he says. “Reaching profitability and accomplishing an infinite ‘runway’ is the filter that most don’t get past. I eventually found traction selling on Amazon out of my dorm room.”

This method – one of trial and error – gave Emiliano plenty of opportunities to determine what worked and what didn’t. “Most people can’t assemble the right team or don’t have the right knowledge to be successful in business on their first try,” he admits. “And if that doesn’t kill you, it’s usually the lack of product-market fit.”

For his part, Emiliano used all the money he had saved up from his various odd businesses to invest in Scale Online. “Through launching and scaling many Amazon stores to six-figures in revenue per month, we realized the demand in others wanting to learn how to replicate our process and manage their store’s growth. Almost any product or service out there you can think of will be successful in front of the right customers. Where most companies die is failing to get in front of said right customers.”

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