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Compassionate capitalism and why you must participate [Note 1]

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official opening of Black Wall Street Economic War house now November 2
Charles N Lambert, Leader of the Black Wall Street and philosopher behind Compassionate Capitalism

One significant philosophy that stood out through the 18th century to the 21st Century is that of Capitalism by Adam Smith who was called the Father of Capitalism or Father of Economics.

The works and philosophy of Adam Smith stood beyond two centuries and formed the backdrop for the Economic Revolutions that brought America and Europe to prominence. In one of his classics “The wealth of Nations” Smith laid the foundation for Free Market Economic Theory and how self-interest and competition lead to economic prosperity. Unfortunately, these theories became the foundation for the inequality we currently witness in the world’s economic system and the inability of weak and disadvantaged nations mostly in Africa to participate viably or survive in a toxic and highly competitive economic environment.

As we surf through the 21 Century, it has become crystal clear that the system of Economics created by Smith and the likes have already set the world system on a self-implode and self-destruct mode. It is a highly unsustainable system that creates poverty by the day through a soulless engagement of producers with consumers; that make profit at all cost thus impoverishing the entire humanity.

Charles N. Lambert; The leader of Africa’s first Economic War, the Creator of Compassionate Capitalism, author of 1000 Philosophical quotes and Founder of The Trinity Platform that comprises of an intelligent interface of three of its corporations; The Redirect Mall, The Black Wall Street and The Development Channel has written thesis, manuscripts and documentaries through the 26 episodes of enlightenment show heralding the birth of a new system of Economics that will eventually and definitely replace this current capitalism system of economics.

Charles N. Lambert is pioneering the current African Renaissance! A rebirth driven by The Ubuntu Spirit. The very ethos that drive the essence and purpose of the African people. Every Revolution must thrive on the foundation of philosophy.

Compassionate Capitalism thrives on The Ubuntu Spirit [ “I am because We are”] and brings to light this fact “That The disparity of wealth comes from the profits made by the producers. That is if the producers’ profits are reduced to give capital for projects, we will have transformative industrialization, massive job creation with rekindled and vibrant economies. That if The Producers refuse to reduce the profit, we place alternative products that ensure the investments points are available for constant Economic Stimulus” – Charles N, Lambert

This Economic Philosophy of receiving investment points through regular consumer purchases is a revolution known as Compassionate Capitalism. This is currently implemented at our online e-commerce platform; [ Get more from buying]

Stay Tuned..

Williams Eze
Director: Corporate Communications
Black Wall Street

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