November 6, 2020

African Religious Belief: Insight to false claims, misunderstood philosophical foundations

Couple, 5 children die mysteriously in Osun; lone survivor in critical condition

By Justice Faloye

It’s always a pity when you hear Abrahamists accuse African traditionalists as worshipping false Gods, and the traditionalists lack intellectual or moral ground to defend themselves. .

The African Intellectual has basically failed his Original African civilization by not being able to understand his spiritual and interpret it into material. For every spiritual, there is matter vice versa.

African slavery and colonization prevented Africans from developing their own knowledge banks from cultural and religious foundations especially in the 1700s when other religions intellectualized their spirituality. The first systematic science book in the USA was the Christian Philosopher written by Mather in 1720 in which he analyzed our Soponna cult as a vaccination process which was adopted into science. Unfortunately, the same Soponna was banned in Nigeria immediately we were colonized, after it had given birth to modern medics in the USA.

Instead, they misconstrued our civilization as pagan and barbaric, claiming we worship false Gods. It is obvious to every civilization that there is only one God, and it is stark cultural imperialism to label other peoples God as false. Africans are wrongly portrayed to have many gods, while we have one Almighty God and various saints/Orishas/Alusis.

Original African cultures believe that God is not directly approachable, just like the Abrahamists that believe you can only approach God through Jesus or Mohammed. In Yoruba, you approach God and all others Orisha through Esu.

Original African civilization being the first was far more advanced and discerned the philosophical pillars of life, and their cyclic spiritual essences. In Yoruba, Shango is not a God, but an Orisha of Justice, meaning he embodied philosophical foundations of the concept of Justice. Oya is not just a Goddess of tempests but embodies the principles of revolutionary Justice. Obaluaye embodies the philosophy of Structure, both human, political and career. Obatala is about religion, education, law and philosophy.

These are not dead concepts but recurring. The ancestors deciphered the trends. Contrary to popular perceptions , Oduduwa is not just one human but a recurring spiritual and philosophical essence of leadership. The essence was captured at the evolution of humanity, as well as the beginning of monarch. He leads every change of global consciousness to a higher level of evolution, every 2000yrs. The same thing with Shango that came in different forms and became more understandable in larger empires like Oyo and Benin, whose bureaucracies required more detailed concepts of Justice.

Although these are pure philosophical essences, the major ones are triggered electromagnetically by planetary bodies. This takes us to what are really spirits or spiritual essences? How do they affect you? We now know that they are electromagnetic pulses that are emitted by everything on Earth, and depend on your composition you absorb them and react.

The most common spiritual essence is that of the Moon that exhibits the spiritual and philosophical essences of Yemanja. The full moon 28 day cycle is tied to menstruation and its gravitational pull affects all water bodies from oceans to humans since we are over 80% water. Criminology and other behavioral studies have evidence that full moons have an effect on our behavior and crime rates.

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So calling them false Gods is either pure ignorance or cultural imperialism. One major difference between Original African civilizations and Abrahamic civilizations, is that Original Africans, due to their duality and binary knowledge, believe God is truly Almighty, the creator of everything both Good and Bad, therefore they don’t believe in the concept of Devil. They believe not only God but everything has good and bad, positive and negative. There is good and evil in every heart, and it is up to the individual to choose, not the Devil. This is backed scientifically because you cannot separate an atom into positive or negative.

However, Abrahamic imperialists took the advantage of a lack of a wholly evil figure in African traditions by labelling the source of information and our belief system, the Orisha of Information, the Devil. The effect, in the case of Yoruba, is that people are scared to approach their knowledge bank of ancient philosophies since Esu labelled as Satan is its operating system.

While Africans are brainwashed to be scared of understanding their knowledge base, the Abrahamic civilizations not only know these essence and trends but use them. To develop the most powerful information gathering and management system named the CIA, it wasnt a coincidence that they created it in the month of Esu, Virgo in September. To develop the world’s most powerful body on their soil, the United Nations, they set it up in Capricorn, Obaluaye month of Structure in January.

Their understanding of Esu/Agwu tied to the planet Mercury makes them understand information management and propaganda. The 20 October 2020 Lekki Massacre didn’t just happen but happened at a time when Esu was retrograde and misinformation could pass through. It also included the Ogun, Mars retrograde, when the actions were not clear.

Basically, if we don’t go back to our roots to understand these natural phenomenon, we would always be played for fools by Abrahamists. This is not only restricted to information management of Esu/Agwu, but every other aspect of life. The only trends we know is when to sleep and wake, when to plant or harvest. We don’t know of the Obaluaye career trend of 29 years, nor do we know when to revolt since we don’t understand Oya 250yr cyclic winds of revolutionary change, or what it entails to carry out a revolution. We don’t know how long is Shango/Amadioha cycle of Justice. Till date the most Pan Nigerian protests, EndSars, was led by those with Oya and Shango essences.

Technologically, our fear of studying our Osanyin bank of knowledge prevents us from accessing the trillion dollar herbal and pharmaceutical industry. Naked Women used to smelt iron 4000yrs, but today we have no steel complex. We don’t know what was rubbed on their skins to prevent bodily harm from temperatures over 4000 degrees. It appears that because the man’s scrotum could not be protected from heat damage is why women of Lejja Nsukka took control.

Electromagnetism is the current technology frontier of the global economy and was compiled from our Original African Information Retrieval system, the Oracle aka Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. The first computer was built on the same 256 pulses of Ifa-Afa-Iha-Eha-Fa. Now our Oracle doesn’t only send out electromagnetic pulses, it has the capability of reading human DNA, which is why when you go to a Babalawo/Dibia or diviner, you are told to pick pieces which you speak to and touches your DNA which would then be translated in how the Odu pieces fall. If you get several diviner in different locations to analyze the same DNA, they would come to the same decision. Your strongest spiritual philosophical essence will be revealed to the diviner.

Now, this is not about consulting some evil spirits but simple science. It is easier to learn things in your language as it easily connects to your cultural background. Until we go back to the basics and learn the technology our ancestors fashioned from our environment, we won’t be able to adapt foreign technologies and philosophies.

Politically, we would remain second best to other civilizations, until we understand that the 16 sector Original African Information Retrieval system is a representation of the Original cultural linkages across South and Middlebelt, and until we unite like the Ifa chain/opele we would continue to lead a meaningless political essence.

Justice Faloye: ASHE foundation President.